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Infant Department: Mardale Avenue, Flixton M41 5SA
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Prepared, Productive and Proving Progress

The 3 Ps on display...
The 3 Ps on display...
s a school which follows the International Primary Curriculum, we have adopted a core set of ‘personal goals’ which every member of the school community is constantly striving towards. These include; communication, co-operation, thoughtfulness, enquiry, resilience, morality, respect, and adaptability. These fundamental values inform all that we do, and form the basis of much individual target setting amongst both pupils, parents and staff. The personal goals have a significant impact on the learning that we are all engaged in, and serve as a strong focus for continuing development and improvement.
More information on the International Primary Curriculum can be found here.

As well as our school motto - 'Success comes through personal effort' - the school also uses the three Ps when talking about learning and life. It is part of our common language and something that permeates all areas of school life. You will see the Ps in every classroom, and hear and read them constantly when you visit the school.

We try and instil in our children the importance of being prepared for everything we are going to be learning about, being productive in all that we undertake, and proving we have made progress from our starting point. Using the Three Ps helps children to understand their own responsibility for being learners, and that learning happens everywhere - in class, on the playground, in assemblies, at home, and the more prepared and productive they are with their learning, the more progress they will make.


The message is everywhere!
The message is everywhere!