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Class 3H (Miss Harris)

Welcome to Year 3!
Welcome to 3H!


'Success comes through personal effort!'

What's been happening in 3H?

In DT, we have started our new topic 'Pop-Up Books!' We have learnt how to do a box fold! 

We became real life archaeologists! We completed a reconstruction relay - going through the tunnel of Tutankhamun's tomb! 

We have continued to investigate light! 

We have been learning about the colour wheel in art and how to mix colours. Primary, Secondary and....? "I know Miss Harris!!" "University colours" "Not quite...." We learnt about TERTIARY colours too! 

We have started programming using Scratch. 

We recently received ANOTHER letter from the minions! Take a look at it below! We cannot wait to start our new topic and find out about, investigate and explore the Ancient Civilisation, Ancient Egypt!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time watching the dress rehearsal of the Nativity production! 

We have been very fortunate to decorate stockings! Thank you very much to Mrs Tatham and her wonderful assistants for making it possible Enjoy browsing through the slideshows:

As part of our art topic 'portraits', we have created busts. A lot of personal effort was shown in the afternoon. Take a look at our snaps below: 

We enjoyed our time in the library this afternoon. 

In Science, we have been investigating how light reflects from different surfaces!

PIRATE DAY!! Oooooarrrrghhhhhh! We had our pirate day today. We found buried treasure using co-ordinates to help us, created wanted pirate posters and had a special visitor...Zazu! Thank you for our visitors for letting us find out more about the macaws. A great day!

We have finished our gymnastics sessions and will be moving on to our next P.E. topic. Take a look at the picture below.... Can you guess what we were focusing on?!

In Science, we have moved on to our next topic ... LIGHT! We have investigated the key question: 'When I change how much light gets into a box, what happens to how well I can see an object?'

In Geography, we have completed more research on weather in another city, so we could present the weather as if we were meteorologists! BBC introduction music got our minds focussed! 

The latest news in 3H...

Calling all pobblers! Today we had our very own POBBLE DAY! We have had so much fun writing and we certainly have been inspired! Make sure you check our pobble to view our fantastic writing from today and other pieces of writing that we have produced!

In Geography, we have been learning about the weather, including what a meteorologist does in their job and how they do it! We have completed our own research and created group posters. Soon, we will becoming meteorologists and presenting the weather! 

We have recently learnt about what the word 'variable' means in Science. We tried to explain it in our own words. Below is one way of explaining it. In our latest session, we were focusing on observing magnets attracting and repelling! 

Our D.T topic is based on packaging! We have explored different types of packaging and have been investigating different types of nets! We even had a go at making our own! Soon, we will be creating our own templates and designing our own packaging. 

During our indoor P.E. sessions, we have been focussing on gymnastics! Take a look at our snaps below! 

In 3H, we have moved on to improvising with our voices and instruments ... the glockenspiel. Stay tuned for a video showcasing our talent! 

Our latest news...


Bonjour! In French, we have now mastered how to greet each other and say our name! Lots of role play! Think about practising them further to grow in confidence. Soon, we will be learning our numbers 1 to 10 in French!

In Science, we have been focussing on forces and magnets! We have completed a lot of experiments! 

We have been exploring different techniques for shading in our art sessions, using different grades of pencil.

During our P.E sessions with Mrs Jones, we have been focussing on ball skills. The technique was difficult to master, but with the right attitude we were on our way!

It turns out that the artefacts that the minions mixed up were from the Stone Age! We have been learning more and more about how people lived during Pre-historic Britain ! Take a look at what we have been finding out so far...

We recently received a letter from some very interesting yellow and banana loving friends!! Take a look below! We can't wait to tell them what we discovered!

We have been writing our own stories based on the video 'Way Back Home'. We have worked hard to avoid the punctuation police and make sure we're using amazing adjectives! 

Important Information:
Monday - P.E
Tuesday - Homelearning due in
Thursday - Homelearning sent home and P.E.
Friday - Reading racetrack and library books

Overview of Autumn Term:
Science -Forces and Magnets
P.E. - Ball Skills and Gymnastics
History - Early Man
R.E - What does it mean to be a Christian today?
Computing - Basic Skills
French - All About Me
Art - Portraits
D.T - Packaging