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Days to remember 

Monday change reading books  

PE - Please make sure PE kits (navy shorts, plain white T shirt and black pumps) are in school.

Monday & Friday PE - Please make sure PE kits (navy shorts, plain white T shirt and black pumps) are in school.

Friday change reading book, bring in reading racetrack book (signed 4 times) and spelling books

Friday (alternate weeks starting 4.3.22) change library books **this has changed from Tuesday**


28.4.22 Food technology

Today we were lucky enough to work with the fabulous Mrs Tatham to make bread rolls. Under her expert guidance we learned about the ingredients that go into making bread and how they work. We were excited to see the balloon magically inflate in front of us in the yeast experiment! We kneaded the dough and then cut it into equal pieces. We shaped the dough just as we had practised with our playdough to form a roll, koberg, cottage, twist, knot and some of us even tried the plait. It was a lot of fun and they smelt delicious when they had been baked. 

(I hope you all shared them with your grown ups at home!!)



25.4.22 PE

Today we had our first session with the gymnastics coach. We practised different types of rolls - pencil roll, egg roll and rock and rolling (in preparation for forward rolls). We even challenged ourselves to keep a beanbag between our knoees whilst doing a pencil roll and a beanbag between our knees and chest whilst doing an egg roll. We are looking forward to learning more skills in our next session.


28.3.22 Science

We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine today identifying and naming the wild plants growing in the school grounds. We used our viewfinders to help us to focus on the plants we could see and sketched them. We then came back into the classroom and shared our learning. We wrote a list of the plants that we knew and made a note of ones we don't know the name of to research. We will probably ask Mr Moulton for some help in naming them!



24.3.22 Art

Today we practised holding the paintbrush correctly, (just above the ferule). We also practised cleaning our brush in water and drying it between colours. We learned about secondary colours. We mixed the primary colours together to create the secondary colours. We then painted them onto our colour wheels from last week.



17.3.22 Art

We took our first steps into the world of colour today. We learned about the 3 primary colours and painted them into the colour wheel. We also looked at the work of 2 different artisits and identified the primary colours they have used. We then took inspiration from Piet Mondrian and created our own work in his style choosing only the primary colours to use.


14.3.22 English

Our new story in English is Stanley's Stick. It is about a little boy who takes his stick everywhere with him. We entered Stanley's world of imagination and imagined what we would use different sticks for. We looked at the shape and size of them and then had great fun pretending it was a broomstick, chalk, bow tie, spare hand, bow and arrow and even a hairbrush!

We are also learning the story of Stanley's stck off by heart with actions to help us remember the story. 

Then we will start to write our own version of the story using our imaginations, just like Stanley!


1.3.22 Author visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a real life author this week. Jarvis read us some of his stories, including his brand new book "The Boy With Flowers In His Hair" that will be released on Thursday. He read us the story and taught us how to draw the main character. We really enjoyed his workshop.



1.3.22 Pancake day!

As today was shrove Tuesday, we all enjoyed sampling some pancakes with traditional toppings of lemon and sugar. Yum, yum!

28.2.22 DT Clay puppets

Today we finally added the finishing touches and completed our "make" process for our clay headed puppets. They have been fired in the kiln, painted, decorated and we have now added the body. We think they look amazing!


21.2.22 Music - glockenspiels

Today we learnt to play the accomaniment to the song we have been learning in our music lessons "I Am In The Groove".

We looked at the glockenspiels and talked about how the size of the note affects the pitch of the sound. We played high sounds and low sounds. 

Then we played the accompaniment using the notes C and D for our song. We kept the pulse to the song and used a rest beat to keep us in time. 

We sounded very tuneful!

8.2.22 Safer internet day

Today we followed the story of Digi Duck that Mr Redmond shared in yesterday's assembly. We discussed the choices that Digi Duck made when playing a game online with his friends. We all agreed that he did not keep himself safe and understood the consequences of his actions.