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Class 1B 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bateman

Welcome to Year 1

These are our school 'rules'. We have talked about what each one means and how we demonstrate each of these in school.

This page will be updated regularly so you can keep up with what we have been learning.

See the Year 1 newsletter for details of our Summer topics (in Files to download)

Tuesday 2nd July

We followed Year 6 around their visit to the Isle of Man looking at their photos and videos on Punkt. We then wrote some questions we wanted to ask Year 6 to find out more about the Geography of the Isle of Man. Year 6 kindly came to help us and they were our teachers this morning! They helped us locate the places they had visited on our map and we labelled them. Then we read our questions to Year 6 and they gave us excellent answers. Year 6 really showed off their knowledge and were very good teachers.Thank you Year 6 we hope you can come again.


Friday 28th June

We enjoyed learning outside the classroom today with a fabulous visit to Ringway Visitors Centre at Manchester airport. After learning all about how air travel started with the Wright Brothers, we wanted to see how it had changed today. We arrived just in time to see the Airbus A380 take off. We were all so surprised to see it get off the ground as it is so huge! Have a look at our galleries to see us in action and watch this space as we will be writing a report with the information we found out on our visit.



Wednesday 12th June

We worked under the watchful eye of Ms Plant today to shape our very own clay heads for our final puppets. We had to do them now so that they would have time to dry out and be fired in the kiln before the end of the term. We had to mould, scrape, pinch and smooth the clay to form all the details of a face. We started by feeling our own faces first to see what shape they were and tried to recreate a realistic face for our rod puppets. They all look absolutely fantastic!! See the gallery for more.


Wednesday 12th June

We used the computers in the junior building today to practise our computer skills. We learned how to control the mouse to move the cursor on the screen. We also learned how to click to select a function.  We had fun practising these skills on the photo booth program. We used the camera in the computer to take a photo and then chose different effects to create some funky images! Have a look in the gallery for more examples.


Tuesday 11th June

We were lucky enough to work with Mrs Tatham our fabulous food technology teacher today. We kneaded cut and shaped our own bread rolls. We made a simple bun, a koberg roll, a cottage loaf and a knot.

We also used our science skills to see what happened to the balloon when yeast, sugar and warm water mixed together in the bottle. This helped us to understand how the bread dough rises and grows before we bake it.

It was great fun. We hope you all enjoyed tasting them at home! Have a look at us in action in the gallery.



Monday 13th May

We took our learning outside into the sunshine today! We have been learning about different types of trees in science. We have found out that trees are either evergreen or deciduous. So we took our tree identifying chart outside and looked carefully at the leaves to see if we could name any. We then took bark and leaf rubbings of an oak tree.


Thursday 9th May

We looked at some art from thousands of years ago that had been created on the walls of ancient caves. We created a gallery of artwork and looked closely at the pictures. We talked about what we liked about them and why. We discussed how the lines in the paintings had been created using different tools and media. We took our inspiration from the hand print cave painting. Under the watchful exprert eye of Ms Plant, we recreated this style of art ourselves. We used a hand template and drew over lines to create the hand shape. We used black and white chalk, then chose our own colour combinations out of oil pastels. Have a look at our creations!


Tuesday 7th May


Thursday 3rd May

Before the holidays Year 1 planted broad bean seeds with Mr Moulton. They took them home and looked after them. With the help of Year 4 and 5 who were on their grounds day, they have now replanted them in the vegetable garden.  We can’t wait to come and see how much they have grown in a couple of weeks. Have a look at the gallery for more photos.


Monday 29th April

We had a lovely visit today from the Baha’is of Trafford. In our assembly, they told us about their New Year celebrations which were in March this year. We then shared some of the attributes that are associated with new beginnings in spring. In our class workshop, we decorated a tree with colourful spring blossoms to remind us of the attributes associated with the Baha,is new year. Patience, truthfulness and generosity are just a few. Check out the gallery for more photos.


Friday 26th April

We took our finished games, along with the instructions we had written for how to play the game to RO. We then helped the Reception children to play our games. They loved it and gave us some great feedback! Have a look at the gallery for more.


Thursday 18th April

We were lucky enough to work with Ms Plant today to make our own clay birds. We have already learned how to use line to create shape and we are now learning how shape can be used to create a 3D form. It was really fun learning how to shape the clay. We learned that we needed to only use our fingertips to stop it from drying out. We also learned that it had to be smoothed so that it wouldn't crack when it is fired in the kiln. Our birds are currently drying out slowly before they are fired. We can't wait to go and see the kiln when they are ready!

It was also a really good opportunity to practuse creating 3D shapes (for the base). We made lots of different 3D shapes and talked about the number of faces they had and what shape their faces were. See us all in action in the gallery.


Wednesday 17th April

We kicked off our new history topic today. Mrs Bateman told us all about the strange goings on that have been reported coming from an isolated shed in Ohio USA. Two men, called Orville and Wilbur Wright have been seen coming and going and no-one knows what they have been up to. We decided to find out by being spies! While the guards were on their lunch break, we sneaked up on the shed to see if we could see what was inside. We then reported back to our team of spies and tried to draw what we could see. We were very sneaky about it and managed to escape unscathed! Our reconstruction relay was really exciting. Our predictions for what's in the shed range from a train track, to a plane and even a tank! We can't wait to find out more next week and see what these brothers have been up to. Check out the gallery for more photos of our spies in action.



Tuesday 26th March

Measuring, sawing, hammering and problem solving were just some of the skills we used today! It was finally time to put our designs into action and complete the "make" part of our DT project. Thanks to some very capable "Bob the Builder" grown up helpers, our games are well on the way to being finished. We worked together to learn how to use a saw safely, then he hammered our runs into place. When the marbles dropped off the end, it was time for some quick problem solving to find a solution. This we did and we are really pleased with our games. Check out the gallery for more pictures.


Friday 29th March

We had a visit from the Easter Bunny today in treat time! It was great fun finding the hidden eggs in our outdoor area. It was even better when Mrs Bateman swapped the plastic eggs for a chocolate treat! Have a look at the gallery for more pictures.



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