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Class 1B 2020 - 2021

Mrs Bateman

Welcome to Year One

Mrs Bateman and Miss Marshall

We have been talking about the 4Bs.

If we follow these 4 school rules we will keep our school a happy and safe place to be for everyone.

Days to remember 

Monday bring in reading books to change (keep Reading racetrack books at home)

Tuesday (alternate weeks) return library books

Wednesday come into school wearing PE kit (navy shorts/joggers, plain white T shirt and comfortable trainers)

Thursday talk topics will be set in the pupil area of the website. Please login to complete. Last week's talk topics will be checked.

Friday bring in reading books to change and reading racetrack books, signed 4 times.




This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

oa,   oo,   oo(u),   oi,   




This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

ng,   ai,   ee,   igh,   




This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

w,   qu,   ch,   sh,   th



This week in phonics we are identifying the short vowel sounds in words. We are also learning the spelling rule for using

ck,   ff,   ll,   zz,   ss   after a short vowel sound. 

(eg. dress, fuzz, clock, hill, glass, sniff) We are practising reading and writing words with these sounds in.



This week we have had lots of fun learning in lots of different ways. 

In our areas of continuous provision we have been:-

-counting, doubling and comparing in our dough area...

-retelling our favourite stories in the reading den... 

-listening to some of our favourite stories and following the words in the book in the Listening centre...

-setting up our very own school in the role play zone!..

and that's just when we were "playing"!


We have also started to complete special challenges set by Mrs Bateman whilst in our areas, such as:-

-making a book with our very own name as the author and including illustrations and a story or information in the Writing Area.

-using the magnifiers to look closely at things in the classroom to decide which one is best in the Investigation Station.

-decorating our names, to help us recognise and remember how to spell our surnames with lots of different materials in our Creation station. 

-completing a daily maths challenge (this week about representing numbers in different ways and counting on and back).

-creating a special place for our mini me's to visit in the Construction Area.


As if that wasn't enough, we also took our learning outside and used our magnifiers to complete a nature scavenger hunt in the wildlife area. It was a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and we found most of the things on our lists!


We also had our very first PE lesson which due to the rain had to be in the hall. So we practised lots of fun warm up games like being a butterfly and making a pizza! Then we played some games that would be good to play on the playground.


What a busy week it has been! We should all sleep well this weekend after our first full week in Year One! - even Mrs Bateman and Miss Marhall! ;) 


Reading Racetrack 


Every Friday the children need to bring their reading racetrack books into school for us to check how often they have read. If they have read 4 or more times in a week they get to move their car around the reading racetrack. Please just date and sign so that it is easy for us to check.


6 moves around the racetrack means that they have completed a lap and have earned a prize.

Each term the class with the most laps completed gets to keep the trophy.

At the end of the year there is a very special treat for children who have completed the maximum number of laps!

As well as being great fun for the children, this also provides encouragement for them to read as regularly as they can. This helps to maximise the progress that they make in their reading.


Welcome Back! 


We had a fabulous first day together in Year 1 today. Have a look at our gallery for some of our highlights!

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