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Class 1B 2018-2019

Mrs Bateman

Welcome to Year 1

The children have made a fantastic start to Year One. They have settled in well and are getting used to the new routines for our class.

This page will be updated regularly so you can keep up with what we have been learning.

See the Year 1 newsletter for details of our Spring topics (in Files to download)


Check out the gallery to see what we have been learning.

Thursday 24rd January

We are making toys in Design and Technology. We decided we would like to make them for Reception. We worked with our groups to design a questionnaire to find out what toys and games Reception liked to play with. We then went to see them to find out. We helped them to answer our questions and record what they said. We can now make sure that our finished product is appealing to them. We are looking forward to making it and taking it back for them to play with!



Wednesday 23rd January

We have been history detectives today! As part of our Toys topic we have been looking at some popular toys from the 1960s. From Barrie to etch a sketch and action man to Spirograph, we looked at lots of pictures of popular toys from the 1960s. We completed an evidence trail, moving around the classroom. We first had to discuss with our partner what we thought the toy was then check the answer hiding under the card. We honed our detective skills and got very good at guessing what they were. We then had to think about which of these toys we had played with so that we could make links between the past and our lives. Have a look at the gallery to see our learning in action.



Tuesday 22nd January

We have been working really hard to learn our Talk 4 Writing text “Stanley’s Stick” Have a look at our video at the bottom of the page to see us in action.


Tuesday 15th January

We had our first session with the gymnastics coach today. We practised different body shapes in our warm up (like straddle, pike and tuck). Then we made some simple sequences on the equipment linking jumps, balances and different ways of travelling.



Monday 14th January

We did it! We won the 2nd place Reading Racetrack Trophy! Thanks to your hard work reading 4 times a week or more, an impressive 93.3% of us moved 8 places around the reading racetrack in the last 10 weeks. Mrs Bateman is very proud of our effort. Well done to all of you!!!



Wednesday 9th January

In Art today we took inspiration from the artist Paul Klee. He famously said "a line is a dot that went for a walk." So we took a dot for a walk to form our own unique outline. We then showed off everything that we had learned in our topic on line to fill in each section. We thought about all the different types of line we had experimented with; straight, curverd, zig zag, nervous, excited, angry or scared and used different styles of line in each section. We then chose what we thought was the best media to use for each style of line; crayon, oil pastel, felt tip, charcoal, chalk, marker pen, biro and different pencils - B, 2B, 3B etc. We were so proud of our finished pieces that after conducting a gallery in the classroom where we admired each other's work, we took our gallery to the junior department to show Miss Gerrard and Ms Plant. They were extremely impressed too!



Tuesday 8th January

We were Geographers today! We looked at maps of our local area and identified features that we passed on our walk before the holidays. Some of us plotted the route we took too.


Thursday 20th December

Today was party day! We started the day with some Christmas crafts, then assembly for the whole infant department. It was lovely to see Reception join Year 1 and Year 2 for some festive cheer. Then this afternoon we had a very specail visitor and really enjoyed our entertainment. Thank you very much to the fabulous PTA for providing our party fun. Remember to keep your present from Santa under your tree until Christmas!



Tuesday 11th December

In Geography we have been learning about our local area so what better way to bring learning to life than to get out there? Thanks to massive support from parent helpers, we braved the cold and the wet to complete our fieldwork. We discovered that our prediction was correct and there were actually more human features than physical features in our local area.

       See the gallery for more photos


Monday 10th December

We had the opportunity to work with Mrs Tatham again to decorate some fantastic Christmas tree biscuits. We learned some new skills and showed impressive concentration. Our baking skills have inspired some impressive writing too. We have written to Mrs Tatham to say thank you and next week we will be writing instructions for making these biscuits again.




Friday 7th December

Guess what happened today?! ... It's a Baby!

The children did a fantastic job this afternoon in our nativity. A huge well done to them and a huge thank you to you for your support.

It's a baby

Tuesday 6th November

We were lucky enough to work with our fantastic food technology teacher today to complete our design and technology topic by making our very own healthy snacks. Here's a little taster to wet your appetite...check out the gallery to see all of our skills in action.


Friday 2nd November

In RE we have been learning about Diwali. He listened to the story of Rama and Sita and practised retelling it. One important way that Hindus celebrate diwali is to put out lighted diva lamps. This represents the way that the people used their diva lamps to create a row of lights to show Rama and Sita the way home from exile after they had defeated the demon king Ravana. We used clay to make a pinch pot to create our own diva lamps. We then painted them in bright colours. Finally we created our very own row of lights in the hall to see for ourselves how magical it would appear to Rama and Sita. Check out the gallery to see our concentration in action and experience that special moment too.

Wednesday 31st October

We worked hard in our design and technology today to learn some new skills. In preparation for making our healthy snacks with Mrs Tatham, we practised our cutting and spreading skills. When we cut, we learned to make a bridge and put the knife under the bridge so that we didn't cut our fingers. When spreading, we learned which part of the knife to use and practised holding the knife correctly. It wasn't as easy as it looked and we really had to concentrate!

    Check out the gallery to see more.

Here are some useful reminders

Monday reading book changed, PE kit

Tuesday homework handed in

Wednesday PE kit

Thursday school library book changed (fornightly),

 homework given out, spelling test (from Autumn 2)

Friday reading book changed, reading racetrack book returned,

spellings given out (from Autumn 2)





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