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Class 1B 2018-2019

Mrs Bateman

Welcome to Year 1

These are our school 'rules'. We have talked about what each one means and how we demonstrate each of these in school.

This page will be updated regularly so you can keep up with what we have been learning.

See the Year 1 newsletter for details of our Spring topics (in Files to download)

Wednesday 17th April

We kicked off our new history topic today. Mrs Bateman told us all about the strange goings on that have been reported coming from an isolated shed in Ohio USA. Two men, called Orville and Wilbur Wright have been seen coming and going and no-one knows what they have been up to. We decided to find out by being spies! While the guards were on their lunch break, we sneaked up on the shed to see if we could see what was inside. We then reported back to our team of spies and tried to draw what we could see. We were very sneaky about it and managed to escape unscathed! Our reconstruction relay was really exciting. Our predictions for what's in the shed range from a train track, to a plane and even a tank! We can't wait to find out more next week and see what these brothers have been up to. Check out the gallery for more photos of our spies in action.



Tuesday 26th March

Measuring, sawing, hammering and problem solving were just some of the skills we used today! It was finally time to put our designs into action and complete the "make" part of our DT project. Thanks to some very capable "Bob the Builder" grown up helpers, our games are well on the way to being finished. We worked together to learn how to use a saw safely, then he hammered our runs into place. When the marbles dropped off the end, it was time for some quick problem solving to find a solution. This we did and we are really pleased with our games. Check out the gallery for more pictures.


Friday 29th March

We had a visit from the Easter Bunny today in treat time! It was great fun finding the hidden eggs in our outdoor area. It was even better when Mrs Bateman swapped the plastic eggs for a chocolate treat! Have a look at the gallery for more pictures.



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