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Class 1B 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bateman

Welcome to Year 1

These are our school 'rules'. We have talked about what each one means and how we demonstrate each of these in school.

This page will be updated regularly so you can keep up with what we have been learning.

The Autumn term newsletter is coming soon for you to see what we will be learning this term.

This week in phonics we have been recapping the sounds 

ng     ai     ee     igh     

We have practising reading and writing these sounds and words and using them correctly in our writing. We are getting good at reading nonsense (alien) words.

In Geography we have been starting to develop our map skills. We drew pictures of places that we knew in school and then took them with us as we walked around the Infant Department building. We thought about the locations of these places and created a picture map of the school. We have then started to understand what an aerial view is, with the help of the smartest giant in town. We imagined we were the giant and thought about what he would see looking down from above. We went on an aerial view hunt around the classroom to see if we could identify objects from their aerial view. 


In PE we have been learning a warm up game called "traffic lights" we had to stop on red, walk on amber, jog on green. Ask us what we had to do for "granny crossing", zebra crossing and ambulance! We have also been learning some playground games that we can use at playtimes. See the gallery for some shots of "duck, duck, goose" "what time is it Mr Wolf?" "creep up on the teacher" and "the farmer's in his den"


This week in phonics we have been recapping the sounds 

sh     ch     th     qu     

We have practising reading and writing these sounds and words and using them correctly in our writing.

In maths we have been showing our understanding of the place value of numbers by regrouping. Every time we got ten ones, we had to swap them for one group of ten. 


This week in phonics we have been recapping the sounds 

ck     ff     ss     ll     zz

We have practising using these sounds correctly in our writing. We have followed the rule that they are usually at the end of a word and come after a short vowel sound.   

We found a bag belonging to a mystery person. We had to be history detectives to try and find out who it might belong to. Each artefact that we looked at gave us a clue. These sources of evidence all put together help us find out about a person or event. We had to be careful though because sometimes there can be red herrings. These are sources of evidence that do not give us the correct information. Our detecting skills were first class!

In science we went out into our outdoor area to see how many different types of plants we could find. We are going to find out more about them ( with the help of Mr Moulton) over the next few weeks. See the gallery for photos.


Have a look at the gallery to see us on our first visit to the school library. We learned how the library is organised so we always know where to put our books back.


In maths we have been representing numbers in different ways using different maths resources. See the gallery for more photos.


Thank you so much for your fantastic support. On Friday every single person in our class brought their reading racetrack book in. What a fantastic start! Don’t forget them again this week.

Our reading racetrack is all set up and ready to go. To get those cars zooming around the track we need to read 4 times a week, get the record book signed and return it on Friday.


Have a look at our first week in action in the gallery.

The children have made a fantastic start to Year One and are settling in well. We have spent a lot of time learning new routines and getting to know where everything is in our new classroom. We have started by showing our best and we have had a great first week. Mr Redmond has been very impressed with how grown up the children have been in assembly and I am impressed with the hard work they have shown towards their learning.


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