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Class 1Y 2020 - 2021

Mrs Young

Welcome to class 1Y

With Mrs Young.

We have been talking about the 4Bs.

If we follow these 4 school rules we will keep our school a happy and safe place to be for everyone.

Days to remember 

Monday bring in reading books to change

Tuesday bring in library books (every other week)

Wednesday come into school wearing PE kit (navy shorts/joggers, plain white T shirt and comfortable trainers)

Thursday talk topics will be set in the pupil area of the website. Please login to complete.

Friday bring in reading books to change and reading racetrack books


We have had an awesome afternoon finishing off our materials topic in Science. We made tents for Frederick Fox who is a very keen camper. The children worked collaboratively to make their tents, using their own ideas. The discussions I heard were amazing, all talk was focused on how to make the best tent ever! The children thought carefully about the materials they needed and they decided that they needed to be strong, opaque, flexible, light and waterproof. Check out the gallery to see the kids in action. 


The children made some fantastic diva lamps to celebrate Divali whilst I was off.  I have added some photos in the gallery, they were very proud of their work.

24.11.20 Today the children had their flu immunisations. They were all very brave and left smiling! :)


20.11.20 We have now painted our diva lamps and they are looking very bright and colourful. When they have been quarantined we will be able to bring them home as a reminder of one way to celebrate Diwali.


17.11.20 As part of our RE work on Diwali, we made diva lamps out of clay. We learned how to pinch the clay to shape it into a pot and then smooth the edges so that it wouldn't break when it dries out. When they have dried we will be painting them. Watch out for the gallery coming soon to see our work.



This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

ar,   or,   ur,   ow   

We are practising reading and writing words with these sounds in.



This week in PE we started to learn our Magic Toys Dance. We imagined that we were one of the toys asleep on the shelf in the dusty old toy shop. We came to life when the magical moon beam opened the magic chest. When we had come alive, we moved around the toy shop in the style of our chosen toy. We were soldiers, fairy dolls, clockwork mice, robots, teddy bears, elephants, and baby dolls.  See if you can tell your grown up which toy you were.



This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

er,   ear,   air,   ure   

We are practising reading and writing words with these sounds in.



We had the most wonderful morning today making the most of the school grounds. We went on an autumn walk, had some hot chocolate and then did a spot of gardening where we dug up some potatoes. It was so much fun, check out the gallery to see what we got up to.


This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

oa,   oo,   oo(u),   oi,   




This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

ng,   ai,   ee,   igh,   




This week in phonics we are learning the sounds

w,   qu,   ch,   sh,   th



Check out the gallery to see some of the work the children have been doing. 


This week in phonics we are identifying the short vowel sounds in words. We are also learning the spelling rule for using

ck,   ff,   ll,   zz,   ss   after a short vowel sound. 

(eg. dress, fuzz, clock, hill, glass, sniff) We are practising reading and writing words with these sounds in.


Reading Racetrack 

Every Friday the children need to bring their reading racetrack books into school for us to check how often they have read. If they have read 4 or more times in a week they get to move their car around the reading racetrack. Please just date and sign so that it is easy for us to check.


6 moves around the racetrack means that they have completed a lap and have earned a prize.

Each term the class with the most laps completed gets to keep the trophy.

At the end of the year there is a very special treat for children who have completed the maximum number of laps!

As well as being great fun for the children, this also provides encouragement for them to read as regularly as they can. This helps to maximise the progress that they make in their reading.


15.9.20 We have had a busy few days getting ready for our new class and I am pleased to say that the classroom is finished. I have added some photos to the gallery so that you can have a look. However, no classroom is complete without children and I can't wait to see everyone, I am really looking forward to it. Mrs Young.

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