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Class 2H 2020 - 2021

Miss Harris

Welcome to Year 2
Welcome to 2H

'Success comes through personal effort!'




Welcome to 2H's Class Page! This page will be updated, so please keep checking it out! We hope you enjoy finding out about the variety of wonderful things your children get up to at school... The mystery is no more! 

Important Information for 2H:
- Reading books changed every Monday/Friday
- Library books changed every other Friday
- Reading racetrack books in every Friday
- Talk topics sent out every Thursday
- New spellings on Spelling Shed every Thursday
- For now, P.E. is every Thursday. Children to come in their kit for the day (preferably navy joggers/shorts, white top and navy jumper)




We love the library! 

Overview of Autumn Term
Science - Materials
P.E. - Target Games
History - Great Explorers
R.E - Judaism
Computing - Bee Bots and Online Safety
Art -  Colour and Kente Cloth
D.T - Decorations

Geography - The U.K., contintents, ocean and climatic zones around the world


Autumn 1

It has been a busy first half term in 2H! Check out what we have been up to! :) 

Don't forget to keep referring back to White Rose Home Learning. 

Counting forwards and backwards within 100... starting from different numbers.

Reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals and words.

Representing numbers to 100 with concrete equipment.

Understanding place value of each digit in a number.

Using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols to compare objects and numbers.

Partitioning numbers using part-whole method.

Using place value charts to represent numbers.

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Reading and sharing our thoughts and opinions on the book 'Look Up'

Recapping Phase 3 and 5 sounds to spell.

How to write sentences. 
Identifying and using a
subject and a verb correctly to write a sentence.
Identifying and using a
subject, verb and an object to write a sentence.


Analysing the different parts of an instruction text.

Using and identifying imperative verbs.
Learning what time connectives are and how to use them appropriately.


Writing the 'What To Do' section.
Writing a set of instructions.




Analysing shape poems.
Collecting and gathering appropriate adjectives.
Choosing an appropriate shape for a shape poem.
Writing and creating our own shape poems.


Writing our poems whilst in costume was... interesting! CHEEESEEEE

We have recapped these sounds so far. It'd be great if you could keep practising them at home :)

oa and oe
oi and oy
ou ow
ph ff and f
wh an w
ai and ay
ee and ea

We are REALLY enjoying learning about what it means to be 'HeartSmart' Take a look at some of the things we have learnt, talked about and are learning to apply at home and at school. Don't forget there is a HeartSmart App that you can use at home - there are videos, activities and all sorts linked to the brilliance of being 'HeartSmart!' Stay brilliant :)

We first looked at what we could remember about our previous learning in history and what we thought history was! 
Now, we have started our area of study.... EXPLORERS!

We're looking at the overall key question:


We've been finding out about why Ranulph Fiennes is in the Guinness World Records, what an explorer is and does, the differences and similarities between explorers and why Bessie Coleman and Amy Johnson's achievements are so remarkable. 


We have been learning and exploring the use of everyday materials! 
First, we needed to learn about the different materials and their properties.
As a class, we have come up with a number of questions about materials and we're keen to get researching, investigating and observing... After all, we're all scientists!
Through scientific investigations, we found that solid objects can change shape.
We have planned our next scientific test to solve the latest curtain debarcle...


After recapping to importance of online safety, we have been learning about Algorithms! 
We've practised given a robot (our peer) algorithms and we soon learnt that if they weren't specific or in the correct order, things didn't turn out the way we wanted them to! 
You applied our learning from our mistakes, to giving algorithms to our beebots! We look forward to continuing this!



So far in our R.E lessons, we have looked at, discussed, shared our thoughts, opinions and questions about different and many objects foudn in Jewish homes. We're looking forward to learning more Judaism, including Mezuzah, the story of Creation, Shabbat and Chanukah. 

We have analysed a range of decorations, studied the way they might have been made, the materials used all in preparation to begin our designs for our own decorations. Before that, we will need to learn about a few different stitches.


We have been busy investigating the best and most appropriate material for a pair of curtains! No one wants to be woken up in the Summer because of the sun and dodgey curtains! If you're ever in doubt which material is best, we're here to help! Top tip: "OPAQUE materials are definitely the best" said 2H! 



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