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Class 2K 2018-2019

Mrs Kirke

Welcome to Class 2K

Mrs Kirke

In Class 2K we learn by exploring , sharing ideas, being active, developing our thinking skills and persevering.


Remember: Success comes through personal effort.


Spring 1

Don't forget to download our Year 2 newsletter for all information on our Year 2 curriculum this term!


Friday 8th February 2019

The children have been learning how to balance and roll safely in gymnastics over the last few weeks. They have been trying hard to try all of the different balances and rolls. Check out the gallery for some photos: 2K Gymnastics.


Wednesday 6th February 2019

The children have really enjoyed our talk for writing text this half term - The Manchester Ridge-back. Today they produced their final copy of their inventions. We had a wide range of dragons being invented such as a Snow Dragon, Ice Dragon, Lava Dragon, Flower Dragon and even a Candy Floss Dragon!  Check out pobble for some of 2K's inventions!


Thursday 31st January 2019

The children have really enjoyed our music unit 'Hands Feet and Heart'. They have been playing a short melody on the glockenspiel and accompanying this with a clapped rhythm. 




Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Today the children explored how an axle works using cardboard templates, wheels and a range of materials for axles. They discovered that: 

1. The wheel needed to be attached tightly to the axle and the axle free to turn.

2. The axle could be fixed and the wheels turn on the axle.

See the gallery for some pictures of the children carrying out this investigation.


Wednesday 16th January 2019

The children have had their second tennis lesson with the coach. They are all loving it. 



Tuesday 15th January 2019

We have begun our new talk for writing text - 'The Manchester Ridge-back'.  The children will be sent home the text and story map as homework this week. It is important that they know this text really well in order to innovate it next week.

There is a copy of the text and the map for you to download.


Key things to remember:

Reading books changed - Monday Friday

Reading racetrack day - Friday

Class library books changed - Monday

PE days - Wednesday Friday

Homework given out - Thursday

Homework due in - Tuesday

Spelling test - Friday

Mental Maths test - Friday 



Keep checking this page for news items and pictures in the gallery about our journey in Year 2!

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