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Class 2K 2019 - 2020

Mrs Kirke

Welcome to Class 2K

Mrs Kirke


These are our 'school rules'. We have talked about what each one means and how we can demonstrate each of these in school.


We have talked about how they link to our school moto:

Remember: Success comes through personal effort.


In Class 2K we learn by exploring , sharing ideas, being active, developing our thinking skills and persevering.


We certainly have a lot of exciting learning planned for the coming term! Keep checking this page, the news items and the gallery for updates. Scroll to the bottom of the page for key information.

Summer 2

Don't forget to download our Year 2 newsletter  from the 'downloads section' for all information on our Year 2 curriculum this term!


Tuesday 16th July 2019

Today was our visit to Formby Point. We visited Formby as part of our Geography work on coasts and Science work on habitats. The children had an amazing time and I was really impressed with how they all conducted themselves out of school. A really big thank you to all the parents who helped......we couldn't go these wonderful visists without you! Here are a few pics (hopefully you can spot the red squirrel) but there will be more to follow in the gallery soon! 



Friday 5th July 2019

The children visited Reception this morning and read their 'Magic Faraway Stories'. The reception children loved them. Check out the gallery for pics!


Friday 28th June 2019

Today the children have spent the day working on their design technology project. This morning they worked with Mrs Tatham and some Year 6 children to produce bread they had designed in class. They were very excited and all worked extremely hard! I am sure by now you have seen, if not tasted their bread. It looked and tasted great! They did an amazing job!!! Check out the gallery for the finished products.




Thursday 27th June 2019

This week the children have finished writing their own 'Magic Faraway Stories' and are in the process of putting them into an illustrated booklet. They are hoping to share them with reception children next week.


Friday 14th June 2019

As you will have read on the newsletter, we will no longer be sending homework for children to complete. Every Thursday we will put some 'Talk Topics' on the website under the news section. These will be in the form of questions that you could ask your children to encourage them to talk about their learning in school and extend it further. We will no longer provide children with spellings to practise for a spelling test on a Friday. However, we will continue to put spellings that we have been covering in school on Spelling Shed, so they can work on these at home if they choose. 


Thursday 13th June 2019

The children have had their first session of 'Tag Rugby' with a sports coach. They had an amazing time learning how to pass and intercept a rugby ball.


Summer 1

Don't forget to download our Year 2 newsletter  from the 'downloads section' for all information on our Year 2 curriculum this term!


Thursday 23rd May 2019

Over the last two weeks your children have been absolutely amazing. They have listened well in class and worked their socks off!!! I hope they all have a fantastic half term holiday and two weeks of well deserved fun.


Thursday 16th May 2019

The children are enjoying our new computing topic 'Computer Art'. Today they had fun exploring making their own Mondrian art on the Ipads. Have a look in the gallery.


Tuesday 7th May 2019

Well done 2K.......3rd place again on the reading racetrack. Keep it up, you are amazing! Now we just need to aim for the Silver!



Tuesday 30th April 2019

Today we created our final paper weaving in the style of Kente cloth. Mrs Plant joined us for our session and we also created a large felt weaving!  Check out the gallery for some more pics.



Friday 26th April 2019

Today the children had a go at paper weaving. They learnt about 'warp' and 'weft' and experimented with different ways of weaving the paper. They are now ready to produce their final piece in the style of Kente cloth. They will be choosing their own colours and  prefered weaving pattern. They then will be adding black or white to their design. Below are some samples of their paper weaving.




Tuesday 16th April 2019

Today the children began to add final touches to their vehicles and add their axles and wheels. The next thing will be to check that their vehicle matches the design criteria as well as making sure that the wheels turn......and stay on!


Check out the gallery for some pictures.


Spring 2

Don't forget to download our Year 2 newsletter for all information on our Year 2 curriculum this term!


Friday 29th March 2019

Today was our last session with the gym coach. We have made some fabulous progress with our gymnastic skills. This week we focussed on balancing with a partner. Have a look in the gallery for more our our partner balances!




Tuesday 26th March 2019

We had ANN ANGEL visit us today in Year 2. She helped us to learn more about the Jewish festival of Pesach. 




Thursday 21st March 2019      

The children have had an amazing time outside on the 'grounds sponsored event' with Mr. Moulton this morning! Thank you for all of you sponsors, I know the children will enjoy looking at the creatures in the wildlife hedge as it grows.

Photos are in the gallery!




Monday 18th March 2019      


In reading racetrack assembly 2K were awarded bronze position with a massive 96.7% of children in the class completing at least one lap of the track. Thank you for reading at home and well done everyone! As you can imagine the class were over the moon.



Keep it up and lets see if we can get 100% next time!!


Tuesday 12th March 2019      

In art today the children have worked extremely hard and produced some fantastic pieces of work!  The children were practising the skill of overlaying using strips of paper exploring the different shapes and patterns they could create. They had to look back at previous work and decide which colours they felt worked well together and then decide how they were going to put them together. They explored lots of different options and even decided whther they wanted to make some of the strips to have a bumpy or spiked edge. Have a look in the gallery to see photos of their work.              




Tuesday 12th March 2019      Parents Evening

If you have the app for the school website you can book your appointment. Available dates are:

Monday 18th March 3:30 - 4:30

Tuesday 19th March 3:30 - 4:30

Wednesday 20th March 3:30 - 4:30

Thursday 21st March 3:45 - 6:30


Thursday 7th March 2019      WORLD BOOK DAY

The children have had an amazing day to day. First of all can I say that all of your children looked absolutely fabulous in their costumes today, I don't think I have ever seen so many different costumes in one class!

After register this morning we had time to look at each others costumes and guess who we had all come dressed up as. After this we had an assembly. The children chose to perform one of our old talk for writing texts, 'The Manchester Ridgeback' (photo below). We even performed it on the stage!

We then had a visit from our link class 5B. We all talked about our costumes and shared our favourite books (see gallery for these photos).

In the afternnon we did a World Book Day quiz and the children had chance to re-create their favoutire book in mini form.

What a fabulous day we have had! Thank you to everyone for taking part.




Thursday 28th February 2019

In History we have been learning about the difference between rich and poor people in Roman times. We looked at different pieces of evidence and sorted them accordingly. We then used some drama techniques to demonstrate our learning. Have a look at our gallery for more photos.


Thursday 28th February 2019

Don't forget to visit Spelling Shed!!  Our spelling test will be tomorrow morning. I hope you have had fun practising your spellings.


Tuesday 19th February 2019

Mrs Plant joined us for our art this afternoon. We have been lookng at complimentary and contrasting colours using chalk, pastels and pencil crayons. The children have been deciding which colours they think look 'good' together in preparation for producing a piece of art work in the style of Kente Cloth. Today they were using the media 'wool'. Check out some of the photos in the gallery!


Spring 1

Don't forget to download our Year 2 newsletter for all information on our Year 2 curriculum this term!


Friday 8th February 2019

The children have been learning how to balance and roll safely in gymnastics over the last few weeks. They have been trying hard to try all of the different balances and rolls. Check out the gallery for some photos: 2K Gymnastics.


Wednesday 6th February 2019

The children have really enjoyed our talk for writing text this half term - The Manchester Ridge-back. Today they produced their final copy of their inventions. We had a wide range of dragons being invented such as a Snow Dragon, Ice Dragon, Lava Dragon, Flower Dragon and even a Candy Floss Dragon!  Check out pobble for some of 2K's inventions!


Thursday 31st January 2019

The children have really enjoyed our music unit 'Hands Feet and Heart'. They have been playing a short melody on the glockenspiel and accompanying this with a clapped rhythm. 




Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Today the children explored how an axle works using cardboard templates, wheels and a range of materials for axles. They discovered that: 

1. The wheel needed to be attached tightly to the axle and the axle free to turn.

2. The axle could be fixed and the wheels turn on the axle.

See the gallery for some pictures of the children carrying out this investigation.


Wednesday 16th January 2019

The children have had their second tennis lesson with the coach. They are all loving it. 



Tuesday 15th January 2019

We have begun our new talk for writing text - 'The Manchester Ridge-back'.  The children will be sent home the text and story map as homework this week. It is important that they know this text really well in order to innovate it next week.

There is a copy of the text and the map for you to download.


Key things to remember:

Reading books changed - Monday Friday

Reading racetrack day - Friday

Class library books changed - Monday

PE days - Wednesday Friday

Homework given out - Thursday

Homework due in - Tuesday

Spelling test - Friday

Mental Maths test - Friday 



Keep checking this page for news items and pictures in the gallery about our journey in Year 2!

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