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Class 3H 2019 - 2020

Miss Harris

Welcome to Year 3
Welcome to 3H

'Success comes through personal effort!'

Online Learning

There are documents on this page that will help with your online learning.
The latest to be added are adverb and adjective mats. These will help when you are writing your sentence types, as we are sometimes still mixing up our adjectives and adverbs.





Welcome to 3H's Class Page! This page will be regularly updated, so please keep checking it out! We hope you enjoy finding out about the variety of wonderful things your children get up to at school... The mystery is no more! In the 'downloads section', you will find the spelling lists, useful websites, recommended Y3 reads, the national curriculum document and each termly newsletter (once added). 

Please note: The maths section will be updated with maths (questions, representations and ways) that we are focussing on in our Maths sessions. 

Important Information for 3H:
Talking points will be sent out every Thursday 
Timestables/mental maths will take place every Friday 

Spellings will be tested every few weeks

Monday - Indoor P.E
Thursday - Outdoor P.E. 
Friday - Reading racetrack and library books

Please note: The talking topics/talk topics are for the children to share what they have been learning in school and hopefully they will teach you about it too (a shared learning experience). These discussions may then lead to further discussion, research, practise etc. Feel free to go into as much detail with these areas as you would like (structured or unstructured). Miss Ward and I have loved seeing the children bring in their creations (extra research, practise etc) . Keep bringing them in, if you would like to!  Thank you for all your hard work and support! 

Overview of Spring Term
Science - Light then Rocks and Soils
P.E. - Health Related Fitness and Tag Rugby
History - Stone Age to Iron Age
R.E - Why is the Bible Important to Christians? 
Computing - Scratch and Online Safety
French - 
Art - Portraits and Colour 
D.T - Sewing and Coasters

Geography - Celebrating Our World

Newspaper reports

We have been writing our own newspaper reports. Take a look at the writing frame and example below. 

Writing Frame:



We have been busy learning how to classify rocks (using venn diagrams), how to conduct a survery and that there are three main group types of rocks. ROCK ON!



Art - Maquettes and Masks

With the support of the fantastic Ms Plant, we made our very own maquettes to mould our very own masks! We used the media of clay and applied our previous learning of how to partition the oval-shaped face as guidance for positioning the features. Take a look at the learning journey below :) 





Forest School Day - Nomad Style!

Lead by the tribe leader Mr Moulton, we had a fantastic Forest School Day! Maps were made, snake bread was eaten, shelters constructed and cave paintings... painted? What a great time we all had! Take a look at the snaps below.











Money, money, moneyyyy ... We've  been learning, understanding, adding, subtracting, selecting money and solving problems involving, you guessed it... money! 

Design and Technology

We have been busy analysing a selection of coasters. 




What were the differences between Iron and Bronze Age? How did they make tools and weapons? Watch the clips and images below to find out more! Take a look at the article below, too! What do you think!?








We've been busy practising sketching the different facial features. 



2 pairs sentences. We're busy learning yet another sentence type!



We've been listening to Christian music to try and find out what it teaches us about how Christians see God. 

Tag Rugby

Sale Sharks' coaches having been putting us through our paces!




We're busy creating our own ROCK BAND using the coding programme scratch. One incorrect code/input and the whole show might be in jeopardy! 


Science - Light

Dinner dinner dinner dinner... batmannnnn!

We had an interesting challenge to try to help Batman increase the size of his shadow. We tested how the size of his wings affected this. Some interesting finds! The joker won't know what's hit him!!



Autumn Term 

Christmas Cookies

With the help of her beautiful assistants, Mrs Tatham helped us to create our very own Christmas cookies! Thank you so much Mrs T. We had a blast! Take a look at the snaps below...





Working hard to find advanced adjectives and create writing that is full of suspense! Inspired by the story 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo. Enjoy the author himself reading the fantastic story: 





We have been busy learning more sentence types in our English sessions. Keep practising them at home.


Biscuit Packaging Complete

We have learnt a lot during our process of creating our very own packaging for biscuits. Take a look at our final products below:







Spellings (wb 02/12)

This week you'll need to start practising: century, certain, circle, complete and consider... don't forget to keep practising previous spellings too. Keep practising high frequency spellings and Y1/2 spellings as well! 



We have been learning about the position of the facial features as part of our area of study (see outline below). Soon, we'll be looking at different types of portaits too. This will then inspire us when we create our own! Take a look at the ones below. What do you think?






We're busy learning more sentence types! This week, we've moved onto learning 3ed! Take a look at the example and explanation below. Get practising! :) 



We have started our own book club! Lots of us are reading the same book in different groups. We're really looking foward to sharing our thoughts on the different points in our stories. Feel free to tell your parents all about what's been happening in your books!


Have a look at the different representations and types of questions/representations/ways etc. we have been approaching maths. Regularly referring back to these representations and practising questions using them, will help embed the learning. 

Please also keep practising number bonds (to 10, 20 and 100) and timestables. 

Example below:





We've been learning more and more about the impact of the Bible. Feel free to talk about and explore the Bible at home to learn a little more yourselves. 


As part of our area of study, we've been learning about the changes in the Stone Age.  Take a look at the images below as well as the ten things you need to know about the Stone Age to Iron Age... feel free to test your parents!







Which do you think is the odd one out and why? Think scientifically!


We've been learning more about forces and magnets. Recently, we've learnt a little more about gravity and magnetism. 




We have recently conducted an experiment to look at why some coins are magnetic and others aren't! Fascinating finds!



We're busy learning new sentence types. At the moment, we're focussing on 2A sentences and adjective pairs sentences. Have a go at practising them at home!

Adjective pair:

The glamorous, intelligent princess kissed the frog. 


It turns out that all the artefacts that the minions supplied were from the STONE AGE! We've been outside (rain couldn't stop us) to get our heads around how LONG the Stone Age was. We did this by creating our very own human timeline! Each step was worth 100 years! We couldn't even get to the start of the Old Stone Age... because it was THAT LONG AGO!



We've been working hard on sequencing a series of movements and balances together. Obviously, only after a good warm up!




How the surface type affects the amount of force required! This session, some of us were shoelss, but not of us were clueless! We discovered that, the rougher the surface, the more force was required to move our shoes. Lots of us thought this was because the rougher surfaces had a greater amount of friction. 




We have been focussing on the place value of numbers. Check out this website, which might help!








What makes a sentence, a sentence? 

Capital letter
STOP . ! ? ...
Makes sense on its own

Feel free to have a go at some sentence games using the site below:






We received a letter from.... the minionssssssss!! Take a look at it below:

We can't to wait to let you know what we found out!


We have started our new topic - packaging. You'll never look at a cereal box the same again! 

PURPOSES: Hold, contain, protect, inform and sell! 



We started our new area of study in Science: FORCES AND MAGNETS.
This week, we focussed on learning about 




Feel free to watch the video explaining friction in a fun and interesting way!

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