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Class 3H 2018-2019

Miss Harris

Welcome to Year 3
Welcome to 3H


'Success comes through personal effort!'


If you would like to find out what your child will be learning about throughout the academic year, take a look at the Year 3 Curriculum Map, which is in the 'downloads' section at the bottom of the page. There, you will also find the spelling lists, useful websites, recommended Y3 reads and the national curriculum document. This page will be regularly updated, so please keep checking it out! Enjoy finding out the variety of wonderful things your children get up to at school... The mystery is no more! 

Important Information:
Tuesday - Homelearning due in
Wednesday - Indoor P.E
Thursday - Outdoor P.E. and Homelearning sent home 
Friday - Reading racetrack and library books

Overview of Spring Term:
Science - Light then Rocks and Soils
P.E. - Dance and Tag Rugby
History - Ancient Civilisations Overview and Ancient Egypt
R.E - Why is the Bible Important to Christians?
Computing - Dance Mat Typing and Logo Turtle Programming
French - Body Parts, Counting up to 31, Clothing, Months and Animals
Art - Portraits and Colour
D.T - Sewing - Coasters


Design and Technology - Coasters

We were busy analysing a selection of products.... coasters! What do you think their purpose is? Have a look at the pictures below (some of the ones we analysed):


Forest School Day

We had a great Forest School Day in Y3! The Ancient Egyptian theme was lots of fun... however... the conditions weren't quite the same! Lots of layers and regular "keep warm" exercises help and of course good old FPS spirit! It was a great day and lots of fun was had by all!



Show and Tell

A trip to Quarry Bank Mill lead to a very interesting show and tell! We were all very surprised to discover how light the cotton was! Many of us were particularly shocked by how different lives were back then!


As part of our new History learning, we looked at the overiew of Ancient Civlisations. The minions were in contact again! 


We started our first tag rugby session with Sale Sharks! 

We have been investigating shadows in Science. We took an observation walk around the school! How many shadows can you spot whilst you are walking to school or at home?



Important Information:
Monday - P.E
Tuesday - Homelearning due in
Wednesday - P.E
Thursday - Homelearning sent home 
Friday - Reading racetrack and library books

Overview of Autumn Term:
Science -Forces and Magnets
P.E. - Ball Skills and Gymnastics
History - Early Man
R.E - What does it mean to be a Christian today?
Computing - Scratch - Rock Band
French - All About Me
Art - Portraits
D.T - Packaging


We've been enjoying our gymnastics sessions this term. Take a look at the snaps below:


We have been learning how to balance,  do forwards rolls, hold headstands, do cartwheels, sit in straddle, sit in pike and SO much more. The children have made so much progress! 


As part of our Design and Technology learning, we are exploring how to create and design our own biscuit packaging. Below are a few pictures of some of our exploratory nets. Stay tuned for further pics!


We now understand that packaging has a variety of purposes! We have learned to construct 3D structures from nets and as part of this, we have learned how to mark out, cut, score and assemble! Tricky stuff!


Next time you are eating your cereal, getting a tissue from the box or even taking a biscuit out of the packaging, take a look at the design, the shape, the logos and all the extra detail! You'll never look at packaging in the same way!

In Science, we combined History to investigate why some coins are magnetic! We decided to create a timeline of all the coins and then find out which were magnetic or not. Fascinating finds! Do you know why they aren't magnetic!? 


Instead of investigating friction the old fashioned way, we decided to go shoeless... well some of us! We took off our shoes to find out how the different surfaces affected the force required to move our shoe! Good job it's not smellyvision on here. 


We've done lots of investigating, learnt in lots of ways and demonstrated our understanding too...even through playing the game SPORTY FORCES!


We can't wait to let Mr Newton know about everything we have learnt! Take a look at the letter below that inspired us to get learning!


As part of our Art learning, we have had the pleasure and unique opportunity that many schools don't get, of learning from the incredible Ms Plant. We created our own busts!! A lot of techniques were learnt and a lot of perseverence was required, but we are really proud of our creations. This will really help us to improve our drawn and collage portraits that we will continue to improve and also create throughout our exciting topic. Enjoy looking through the pictures below: 



You would not believe the letters that we have been receiving. In History, we have only been in regular contact with .... THE MINIONS!! 

Look at the artefacts below. What do you think their uses were? Who would have used them!?  

We've been Historical Detectives... now it's your turn! 

To understand just HOW LONG the Stone Age was, we created our own human timeline... We couldn't even finish it! 



We have been learning about life in the Stone Age and how life developed over time... The overview of pictures below might help you to find out a few things for yourself! Incredible finds! 


What do you think....? What can we work out about life in the Stone Age from this picture!?

We're really enjoying our enquiry about the life of Stone Age man. We can't wait to let the Minions know about all the skills and knowledge we have learnt!

During R.E sessions, we are learning about why the Bible is important to Christians. Why do you think the Bible is the best-selling book? 

We have been learning about the links between parables in the Bible and how the messages can have an impact on the actions of believers. Take a look at the quotes below: 

‘When life gives you lemons; make lemonade”
“If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em’
‘Every cloud has a silver lining’

What do they mean? Which ones make YOU stop and think the most?

After looking at these quotes,we then looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan and WHO are neighbour REALLY is. Lots of our orignal answers changed after really exploring the meaning of the parable. 

Our computing sessions have been very challenging! We're learning how to code and programme. We are busy creating our own ROCK BAND on Scratch!


Lots of measuring in Maths! We didn't realise how many skills it all invovled... especially measuring the perimeter! 

Meeting an olympic athlete was most certainly inspirational. It was great to learn more about Water Polo and how discipline and responsibility are really important. Lewis Daly put us through our paces during our fitness session! 

To mark the WW1 Centenary, we spent time in our History lessons reflecting on and learning about those involved in the wars. Some of us brought in relatives' personal belongings that they had with them during WW2. 

Take a look at our whole school poppy which has every child in Flixton Primary School's fingerprint under the commemorative poem 'Flanders Fields'


The Christmas Tunnel

Today, we decorated our Grounds Tunnel with Christmas decorations! Cheeeeese! Take a look at the snaps below:



At FPS, we are very fortunate to have the wonderful Mrs Tatham. Today, we decorated our very own Christmas Cookies! Take a look at the snaps below:




We have been learning about which surfaces reflect the most light! What do you think and why?!




This week, we have been busy creating our finished product... our biscuit packaging. The process has involved A LOT of perseverence and A LOT of learning has been involved. Take a look at the snaps below. More pictures will be added soon!




We decided which biscuit our packaging will hold, then referrerd back to our previous designs and created the extremely important TEMPLATE. This then meant we could create the product packaging. Afterwards, we coloured and put on our designs and logos. Finally, we assembled our nets and placed in our biscuits which have been nicely nesteled with further protection.

Some of us then had the chance to create a quick ADVERTISEMENT. Feel free to view our videos below! 

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