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Class 3W 2019 - 2020

Miss Ward

Welcome to 3W!

Image result for bee clipart Be ready.  Image result for bee clipart Be respectful.  Image result for bee clipart Be responsible. Image result for bee clipart Believe in yourself!

...and, of course, our school motto:

Success comes through personal effort!!

Important Reminders: 

Xtables and Mental Maths test every Friday.

Spellings will be texted every few weeks.

Talking points to be sent out every Thursday.

Please note: The talking topics/talk topics are for the children to share what they have been learning in school and hopefully they will teach you about it too (a shared learning experience). These discussions may then lead to further discussion, research, practise etc. Feel free to go into as much detail with these areas as you would like (structured or unstructured). Miss Harris and I have loved seeing the children bring in their creations (extra research, practise etc) . Keep bringing them in, if you would like to!  Thank you for all your hard work and support! 


yes Monday - Library slot 

yes Wednesday- Indoor P.E.

yes Thursday - Outdoor P.E.

yes Friday - Reading racetrack


Overview of Spring Term:

P.E.. - Health and Fitness & Tag Rugby

Computing - Scratch Rock Band

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

Science - Light

R.E - Why is the Bible important to Christians? 

French - Introduction to French language

Music - Performance and learning to play the Recorder

D.T. - Sewing and Coasters 

Art - Portraits and Colour

Geography - Countries and Continents of the World


Newspaper reports

We have been writing our own newspaper reports. Take a look at the writing frame and example below. 

Writing Frame:





Art Day! 

We had the pleasure of working with Miss Plant for a WHOLE day! We have been focussing on portraits and facial features and were desperate to prove our learning! We carefully created Maquettes using newspaper to prepare a template to mould the clay on. We carefully constructed facial features using extra clay to create our own 3D portraits. 3W thoroughly enjoyed the day and can't wait for another one! 


Forest School Day! 

We spent the day learning and building like a Nomad! We had to shrink down to construct Nomadic shelters, get creative with the natural resources to create cave wall art, use our best geographic skills to create fantastic maps and of course we gave it our best efforts to build fire to cook and eat our food! A fantastic day had with Mr Moulton! 


This term we have been looking at money.

Looking at the types of money definitely caused some confusion.. we've had some questions, such as why is there no 30p coin?

Now, we know we can make that amount using the other coins! 


Why not let the children take care of your shopping list this weekend? Maybe they could even pay for it at the end! 


We have a NEW class text! 

We have just started this, please don't read ahead! 

As well as this, we have continued to look at the different sentence types and how to use them well within our writing.

After the holidays we will be looking more in depth at writing and punctuating speech. Keep an eye out for speech in books, magazines and various media to help your child become more familiar. 


To finish our topic on light we were given a mission from...

dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, BATMAN

We had the important task of trying to improve the Batsignal. 

Pictures coming to the gallery soon!



What a creative busy week we have had!

3W had the chance to work with Mrs Tatham to create some beautiful Christmas cookies!


There are many more in the gallery, check it out and see if you can spot your cookie!

That's not all! We have also been busy assembling our biscuit packaging design nets to create our final pieces! 


We had to carefully use the craft knives to carve out our design neatly. Then transfer our designs onto card before assembling. The results are pretty great. All final pieces are in the gallery. 

Miss Ward wishes that the biscuit packages are for real biscuits! Yum!



Log into Spelling and Maths shed this week to try and knock our current leaders off the board. 

Image result for trophyRemember there are class prizes too for Top Speller and Top Mathstronaught!Image result for trophy

Links below!

Spelling shed: https://www.spellingshed.com/en-gb/index.html 

Maths Shedhttps://www.mathshed.com/en-gb/index.html



This week 3W became mini Archaeologists and were investigating how the Stone Age man lived in the Neolithic period. Using the Skara Brae settlement (roughly occupied around the years 3180BC to 2500BC) the children analysed the images and drew conclusions about Stone Age life and what it could have been like. 



We have been practising various sentence types in our English over the past few weeks. Using our class book The Jolley Rogers, we have been learning 2A sentences, 3ed sentences, and BOYS sentences.

The children have come up with some fantastic verbs, adjectives and adverbs using a thesaurus too! 

Image result for jolley rogers and the monsters gold





3W are now learning about light! So far we have completed our box investigation. This involved all the shoeboxes they brought in, and observing what happens when more light is allowed inside the box (pictures to follow!).

Then we were investigating how different surfaces reflect or absorb light. We used many materials and surfaces to carry out our investigation and recorded our results in a Venn diagram.  

We will be looking at shadows over the next few lessons, including how they are formed, why some are darker than others and much more. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting shadows you can see at home!



Check out our gallery to see the fantastic gymnastic positions 3W have been getting themselves tangled up in! laugh



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