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Class 3W 2019 - 2020

Miss Ward

Welcome to 3W!

Image result for bee clipart Be ready.  Image result for bee clipart Be respectful.  Image result for bee clipart Be responsible. Image result for bee clipart Believe in yourself!

...and, of course, our school motto:

Success comes through personal effort!!

Important Reminders: 

yes Monday - Indoor P.E & library books

yes Thursday - Outdoor P.E

yes Friday - Reading racetrack

yes Talking points- Once a week


Overview of Autumn Term:

P.E. - Gymnastics, Tag games and Ball skills

Computing - E-safety and Basic computing skills

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

Science - Forces and Magnets

R.E - Why is the Bible important to Christians? 

French - Introduction to French language

Music - Performance and Learning to play the Glockenspiel

D.T. - Packaging 

Art - Portraits and Colour

Geography - Countries and Continents of the World


This weeks house point winners are:

Image result for trophyTeam 3 with a well deserved 81 points! Image result for trophy

(Team names coming soon!!)



This week a mysterious message in a bottle was washed up into our class! Who knew?! 

Year 3 had so many ideas about where it came from, and were delighted to find a treasure map of FPS on the back! 

Unfortunately, the rubies and diamonds we were expecting to find, had been ransacked by pirates. Arrrr!

BUT! We found something even better... Our first book topic of Year 3!

Image result for jolley rogers and the monsters gold

Please don't read ahead! 



This week we have been learning about the place value of 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. 

We have used different mathematic manipulatives to understand the value of a digit within a number.

Image result for online base 10 blocks

Here is a helpful website you can use to refresh your memory! 






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