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Class 3W 2019 - 2020

Miss Ward

Welcome to 3W!

Image result for bee clipart Be ready.  Image result for bee clipart Be respectful.  Image result for bee clipart Be responsible. Image result for bee clipart Believe in yourself!

...and, of course, our school motto:

Success comes through personal effort!!

Important Reminders: 

Xtables and Mental Maths test every Friday.

Spellings will be texted every few weeks.

Talking points to be sent out every Thursday.

Please note: The talking topics/talk topics are for the children to share what they have been learning in school and hopefully they will teach you about it too (a shared learning experience). These discussions may then lead to further discussion, research, practise etc. Feel free to go into as much detail with these areas as you would like (structured or unstructured). Miss Harris and I have loved seeing the children bring in their creations (extra research, practise etc) . Keep bringing them in, if you would like to!  Thank you for all your hard work and support! 


yes Monday - Indoor P.E 

yes Tuesday - Library slot to change our books

yes Thursday - Outdoor P.E

yes Friday - Reading racetrack


Overview of Autumn Term:

P.E. - Gymnastics, Tag games and Ball skills

Computing - E-safety and Basic computing skills

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

Science - Forces and Magnets

R.E - Why is the Bible important to Christians? 

French - Introduction to French language

Music - Performance and Learning to play the Glockenspiel

D.T. - Packaging 

Art - Portraits and Colour

Geography - Countries and Continents of the World



Log into Spelling and Maths shed this week to try and knock our current leaders off the board. 

Image result for trophyRemember there are class prizes too for Top Speller and Top Mathstronaught!Image result for trophy

Links below!

Spelling shed: https://www.spellingshed.com/en-gb/index.html 

Maths Shedhttps://www.mathshed.com/en-gb/index.html




This week 3W's scientists have been learning how to plan and conduct an investigation. 

We have investigated how much force was needed to pull our shoes along different surfaces. We even tested our shoes on the tables! (Shhh, don't tell!)

Why not test out surfaces at home to investigate which surfaces have minimal friction? 

Our next investigation involved magnets (see gallery). We have been investigating which materials are magnetic.. more importantly, which coins are or aren't magnetic!



Check out our gallery to see the fantastic gymnastic positions 3W have been getting themselves tangled up in! laugh



This week a mysterious message in a bottle was washed up into our class! Who knew?! 

Year 3 had so many ideas about where it came from, and were delighted to find a treasure map of FPS on the back! 

Unfortunately, the rubies and diamonds we were expecting to find, had been ransacked by pirates. Arrrr!

BUT! We found something even better... Our first book topic of Year 3!

Image result for jolley rogers and the monsters gold

Please don't read ahead! 



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Addition and Subtraction, by Miss Ward

Magnets and Forces, by Miss Ward

Gymnastics, by Miss Ward

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