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Class 4FE 2019 - 2020

Miss Freeman

We are looking forward to a hard-working and fun packed Year 4. 

Keep checking this page for pictures and news about what we've been up to in school.

These are our school 'rules' and we have talked about what they mean and how we can 'be' each of these things. We have thought about how they link to our school motto: "Success comes through personal effort."



Our Y4 'Summer Newsletter' is available in the 'files to download' below.

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon participating in the ExTraffordganza concert at the Wythenshawe Forum. They sang their hearts out, waved their flags enthusiastically and showcased some very impressive dance moves. See out gallery for more photos.


We played a game in partners to reinforce our place value undertanding. Sometimes we were nice, but sometimes we were nasty! There are more photographs in our gallery below.

A little practice goes a long way...... We enjoyed playing games to help us remember our 12 x tables facts today! As always, there are more photos in our gallery below.

We worked really hard in DT today, learning about how to saw and join timber. It took a lot of resilience and team work to get the job done. There are more pictures in our gallery below!


We are so pleased to have won the first place trophy (joint with 5B and 5L) for a fantastic 100% of children moving 6 times or more on our reading racetrack in the last 8 weeks. Keep up the super reading everyone!

We had great (if rather hot!) weather for a super rivers trip. We made it to the source and the top of Winter Hill! It was a long walk but the children managed really well. See our 3 galleries below for more photos.


For our DT topic on greenhouses, we investigated stable shapes for building with. The children worked well collaboratively and showed great resilience......... Some of them also enjoyed testing their shapes to destruction! (Maybe a career in demolition is calling?!) See our gallery for more pictures.

It was our last lesson programming using 'Milo' today. The children worked really well to apply their learning creatively. There are videos of some of their work (in the video clips section at the bottom of the page) and there is also a gallery of photos.

We learnt about how our online content lasts forever and thought about the sort of messages we would like to see and post....

The children have been rehearsing and performing poetry this week. We have been so impressed with their work - they have thought very  carefully about how best to perform their chosen poems. It can be very nerve wracking performing for an audience, so they should be very proud of themselves.

We had a great time showing the children from 1Y how to use our computers. Check out our gallery of photos at the bottom of the page!

We've become pretty good at playing the glockenspiels and reading music. See our videos at the bottom of the page. Some of you might recognise the Purcell piece we are playing!

We won a trophy! Again!

We were (joint) second place with 5L. Great reading everyone in 4FE......... We're now aiming for that 1st place trophy!

Our lavender bags DT unit has come to an end. The children have worked really hard to create some super finished products. Check out our galleries at the bottom of the page!

We really enjoyed our first 'lego' computing session. The children had to follow visual instructions carefully, solve problems and work cooperatively to build and program 'Milo' our robot. There are video clips at the bottom of the page and more photos in our gallery.

Rugby is so last term! It's all about tennis now and we are very fortunate to have an external coach. The childen were working hard on their backhand today, right up until the ominous black clouds appeared. We made it inside just as the downpour started! Here are the children doing a warm up game. 

Some super scientists in 4FE this afternoon! We had to work together to solve a problem........ How can we make our own switches? There were lots of creative responses. See the gallery below for more photos!

I don't think any of the grown-ups realised what a fearsome band of soldiers class 4FE would make! The children showed great team work as Roman soliders on our trip to Chester as they battled the 'Celtic' adults in our group in the remains of the Roman amphitheatre........

The children also showed great knowledge and interest during our workshop and visit to the Roman galleries in the museum. There are lots of pictures of our visit in the galleries below.


 Our Y4 'Spring Newsletter' is available in the 'files to download' below.

The children worked in groups to come up with questions which they then put to different characters from the Thieves of Ostia. We did this to help to create quotes they could use in their newspaper reports. See our gallery for more pictures. 

We have been working hard on our 7 x table this week. As well as thinking of strategies to work out those calculations we do not (yet) know, we have also been trying to memorise the key facts. A game of 'bump multiply' helped with this today, and was such fun even Mr Redmond popped in for a game! As always, there are more photos in our gallery!

There was great turn-taking and teamwork shown by the children today. They really enjoyed our 'Maths Buzz' problem solving lesson. Some of the puzzles were pretty tricky, so resilience was needed too! There are more photos in our gallery.

What! No plug??

Great team work and problem solving skills getting a bulb to light in science today! For more photos, see our gallery.

We won a (bigger!) trophy!

Well done 4FE - 2nd place on the reading racetrack....... Now, we just need to aim for that (massive) first place trophy!

Meet the computer programmers of the future!

The children have really anjoyed using Logo to program the turtle to make all kinds of patterns. It's been great to see the children really challenge themselves. There are more phots in our gallery.

Super drama skills to help us understand the chronology of the Roman invasion of Britain. There are more photos in our gallery!


In Tag Rugby, the children showed great determination when practising running with the ball, passing and catching. There was some great teamwork on display. See our gallery for more pictures. 


We have tackled our Sex and Relationships Education lessons this week. The children have asked lots of thoughtful questions. As part of our work, we read 'Mummy Laid an Egg' by Babette Cole.

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, the children had a wonderful time sharing sories with our partner class 1Y. We also had a special book themed assembly, where some children from our class read out the fantastic character descriptions they had written based on characters from The Thieves of Ostia. See our gallery below for more pictures. 


The children did amazingly well at helping their Year 1 partners when participating in our sponsored event today. It was wet and cold, but that didn't hold us back! There are more pictures in our gallery below.

Our assemblies this week focus on staying safe. In year four today, we used CBBC's '8 top tips for staying safe online' to support our discussion:


In maths, the children rolled dice to create 4 digit numbers which they rounded to 1000, 100 and 10. They applied their knowldege of rounding to help them to estimate. 

On Wednesday we had a visit from Rocksteady Music School. Some lucky children were chosen to perform in an impromptu rock band and showcase their rockstar credentials. They made some serious noise as they treated us to a rendition of Shotgun. 


The NSPCC joined us in assembly today to talk about, "Speak out. Stay safe." The children talked about the trusted adults they might speak to if they had something they were worried about.


We made 'triangle cards' today in maths to reinforce the relationship between multiplication and division and to help us learn our times tables facts. We are bringing the set we made home to practise and there are more blank triangle cards in the 'files to download' so we can make more if they help!


Congratulations to these children who received their prizes for completing another lap of the reading racetrack this Friday!

This afternoon the children had great fun charging around the field playing tag rugby. We're very lucky to have a coach from Sale Sharks working with us this half term. See our gallery for more photos.



The children came up with some creative ways of balancing on our apparatus in gym today. See the gallery below for more pictures.

We enjoyed some well earned choice time at the end of our half term!

In Geography we have been learning about lines of latitude and longitude. The children used an atlas to locate continents that lines of latitude and longitude run through. One again, they impressed me with their fantastic knowledge. See our gallery for more pictures.




We have been using arrays again today, to play a game called How close to 100? The children had to think carefully about their strategies to give themselves the best chance of covering 100 squares.  See our gallery for more photos.


More impressive knitting! Very well timed for this chilly weather.

We have been using arrays in maths to help us think flexibly about number and to look at how others 'see' number. There are more photos in our gallery below.


Sophie, our gymnastics coach, awarded us 8 tokens for our super listening skills and our effort during gym this week. Success certainly does come through personal effort if the gymnastic skills on display are anything to go by!

See more pictures in our gallery at the bottom of the page.

Lots of resilience and patience necessary this afternoon as we explored different stitches! See the gallery below for more photos!



What should we do at wet play? I know, spend time over a fraction and decimal challenge!! Super effort!






Some super impressive knitting has been going on in knitting club!




We have used lots of practical equipment to help us visualise fractions this week! For more pictures, see our gallery below!


WE WON A TROPHY!!!!!!!!!!

We came (joint) 3rd in the reading racetrack competition for last half term. We've now got our sights set on an even bigger trophy! Thanks to all those grown-ups at home who are hearing their children read regularly....... It's doing wonders for their reading skills (and keeping competetive Miss Freeman happy too)!!


The children spent yesterday showcasing the clay work techniques they learnt during the Autumn term.  They really impressed us with their determination, focus and amazing creativity. See what they got up to by looking in our gallery.  

These super-star readers have completed 3 laps of the reading racetrack in record time. Keep up the great reading at home everyone!


We started our textiles unit in DT by evaluating various items. We looked at function, appearance and safety. There was some great discussion in our partner work and the children came up with some super ideas! There are more photos in our gallery below.


We have started a new unit of work in computing: Presentation using Comic Life. The chidren showed great cooperation as well as learning through 'having a go' today! There are more pictures in our gallery below.



We really impressed Miss Freeman with our glockenspiel accompaniment. There is a video clip at the bottom of this page of us playing after 25 minutes practising......


We investigated whether or not sound travelled through different things. Some of us were quite surprised with our results! See our gallery at the bottom for more photos.

Sophie, our gym coach, was impressed with our effort during our first gym session this term! For more pictures, see our gallery below.



We've had a lovely afternoon of festive food technology with the wonderful Mrs Tatham. The children have really impressed us with their cake decorating skills, creating a snowman figure and a Santa cupcake.Yum, yum. See our gallery below for more photos.


In science, we have been looking for patterns by investigating sound sources. See our gallery below for more photos!


Applying our learning... team work... problem-solving... cooperation... compromise... resilience...

Just some of the skills that were necessary as we built bridges from our final plans. See the gallery below for more photos!

We had a great final football session this week with the children playing mini-games to show off their skills and teamwork. See our gallery below for lots more photos!

Over the past few weeks we have been learning how to use different clay techniques: pinching, coiling and slabbing. The children have really enjoyed learning from our resident expert Miss Plant, and have been getting very creative with clay. We've been extremely impressed with what they've produced. This is all part of the build up to the children spending a day creating their own mythical buildings - we will be doing this in the first few weeks of the Spring term. See our gallery for more pictures.





Here are the super readers who have completed 2 laps of the reading racetrack in RECORD TIME. Keep up the great reading, 4FE!

We enjoyed our visit from Lewis Daly. (Thanks to everyone who brought in their sponsor forms... Dealine is Thursday!) Lewis gave us some great messages about trying our hardest and never giving up. See more photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

How can we show 2 times 6? How is that different from 12 divided by 6? What about 3 x 4?.... Just some of the questions we thought about in maths today. We used cubes and arrays to help our thinking!

This group of readers has now joined the '1 lap completed club'! Super stuff!

The children enjoyed completing a times tables racetrack to help them practise their facts. I've added them to the 'file to download' at the bottom of this page as many of the children were keen to use them at home. There is a blank one that you can add any questions you like to! 

Look at the next group of readers to complete a lap of the reading racetrack! Well done to all the children who have completed a lap so far this year. Keep up the great reading!

We have been working on Internet safety this week and have discussed and written our own rules to help us stay safe. 

Look at our super star readers who have already completed a lap of our reading racetrack!


We have had a fantastic autumn themed Forest School day. The children made an impressive array of leaf collages and conker garlands, as well as creating spooky tunnels and doing activities around the camp fire. We definitely picked the right day for the weather!  See more pictures in our gallery below. 

We visit the library each Friday afternoon. The children really enjoy recommending new books to each other. See more pictures in our gallery below!

We have been exploring different types of bridge, focusing on truss, suspension, cable stay and arch. Look at our gallery below for lots of photos!

We have been looking a changes of state in science. For more pictures, look at our gallery at the bottom of the page!

In history, we have been finding out about why the Maya civilisation is important to learn about. There are more pictures in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Our science topic this term is solids, liquids and gases....... One of our experiments involved investigating how quickly different liquids flowed.



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