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Class 4NL 2019 - 2020

Miss Latham

Welcome to 4NL

Be ready. Be respectful. Be responsible. Believe in yourself! 


Our routines:

smiley Times tables test on Friday

smiley Spellings will be sent home and tested every few weeks

smiley  PE is on Wednesday and Friday

smiley Library visit is on Thursday

smiley Reading Racetrack books in on Friday morning


14/11/19 Talk Topics:

1.How did you make your science investigation about evaporation a fair test?

Example science investigation planner




Question as a title


What do you want to find out? Underline it!

Are my shoes slippier on different surfaces?

Fair Testing

Use underlined subheadings. Which one variable will you change? (Dependent variable.) Which other variables will you be careful to keep the same throughout your test? (Independent variables.)

Variable to change


The surface of the ramp.


Variables I will keep the same.


The shoe.

The height of the ramp.


Equipment List

Bullet points.

Selection of shoes

A ramp


Tape measure


What will I do?

A numbered list. Chronological order. Time Connectives (E.g. First, then, after that, finally). Imperative verbs (‘bossy’ verbs - place, cut, measure...). Scientific vocabulary. Future tense (“I will...”). How many times will you repeat your testing?  You might include a diagram with labels to explain how your equipment will be set up.

  1. Firstly I will set up my ramp and measure the height of it.
  2. Next, I will place my first surface for testing on the ramp.
  3. Once that is in place,...


What do you think will be the result of your testing? Why do you think that?

I think that my shoes will grip the best on lino flooring. I think this because I know already that...


A graph or a table. You could use ICT to present your results. Remember titles and labels for axes. Include the correct units in your labels (mm, L, kg, cm, etc.)

A graph to show the height that the ramp reached before my shoe slipped on different surfaces.


What do your results show? Are there any patterns? Are there any strange results?

From looking at my graph, I can see that...


I think the result for carpet was unusual and that the shoe slipped much sooner than I expected. I think this happened because...


What would you change about your method next time?

If I repeated this investigation in the future, I would change the way...

New Questions - What would you like to investigate now, based on what you’ve discovered?

What has surprised you about your investigation? What else do you want to find out now?

The result for the ‘lino’ surface was really surprising. I would like to know if all types of ‘lino’ flooring cause the same result.

2. Discuss how we created characters in this week's Pobble project.

- Is your character a boy or girl?

- What is their name?

- What is the colour of their hair?

- Colour of their eyes?

- Special skill or talent?

- Best friend?

- Enemy?

 3.Is there any evidence that the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur might be true?
Look at the clues below, how do they link to the myth? See link below to view the story.




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