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Class 6F 2019 - 2020

Mrs Foster

Welcome to 6F! 

We are looking forward to a great final year at Flixton Primary School. 



Library is on Thursday.

PE is Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).

Reading Racetrack books due in every Friday. 


School Rules

We have been thinking about our school rules and 

how we can demonstrate them. 

Art - Moving Figures

To begin our topic on 'Movement' we took a video or continuous photographs of the sequence of one movement. Following on, we looked at the footage then recreated the process of moves in 6 figures.





















Well done, Theo - great summer reading...

History - What evacuation was really like.

We looked at photographs and used inference to offer ideas of what was actually going on. Then, we conducted a role play where the children were given evacuee identities and spoke to each other about their experiences:

To finish the activity, they were asked to order themselves with the graded information that they had as to which evacuee had a horrible, difficult evacuation to those who had a wonderful, happy experience:

STEM Day at Wellacre

We had a great day sampling lessons in connection with science, technology, engineering and maths:

Look at our new furniture...

...tidy classroom and new desks means tidy minds and great work!

Maths Problem Solving

We were given a task to analyse and investigate a table. Having just got new desks, it was an activity that interested us. We had to collect measurements and details about a desk in order to replicate it. See more pictures in the gallery.

History - The Home Front

We carried out an activity to find out how Britain was able to stand firm against the German threat, on the home front. Lots of research and enquiry boxes ticked.

Look at our photos in the gallery...


PE - Gymnastics

In PE this term we are working with Total Gymnastics to develop our skills. More photos in the gallery below.

Geography Skills Lesson

Using longitude and latitude to locate countries and cities within Europe and the world.


Art - Movement Collage

Using a variety of techniques for a figure to show movement:

Look at the gallery below for more pictures.


History Freeze-Frames

We re-enacted scenes from some home front photographs.

...more examples in the gallery...


Buddhist Temple Visit


DT - Making our Fairground Rides

After weeks of research and analysis, we eventually came to the making part of this project and all groups successfully constructed different rides.

It's Christmas...

We were lucky to have a morning with Mrs Tatham making a chocolate log. They look good enough to sell, never mind eat! Now, we are definitely ready for Christmas.

Happy 2020!

Welcome back - we have an exciting term ahead...

Art - Making our maquettes

Using inspiration from the sculptor Alberto Giacometti, we have begun the first phase of our own sculptures - showing movement. See how we began the making process in the gallery below.

Having a civilised debate!?

We are all thoroughly enjoying our set text - Goodnight Mister Tom. It is set during World War 2 and it is about an evacuee (Willie) and his experiences staying in the countryside with an older gentleman (Tom). We have come to the point in the story when Willie goes back to London and Tom has to decide whether to go and check he is okay because he hasn't heard from him for a month.

We set up a debate - for and against him going to London and from the pictures, you can see it was quite lively!

Continuing making Giacometti sculptures

This gives you an idea of the tidy and neat process of covering our maquettes in mod roc...


 Geography - Introducing St Lucia

In groups, the children had to guess or make an informed decision as to where in the world they thought St Lucia was. They put an X on their world map and then we ordered them according to the distance away from the actual location. Here are the results - Ben's team led the way:


We are working hard to help Mr Moulton tackle lots of jobs outside, like digging holes...


...and sawing...

...good job, team!


Beginning our next DT Topic

We began the analysis part of 'Making Flowers' in DT where we looked at the component parts of a flower - so we know exactly how to make each part.

A Refreshing PE Session After Half Term


Pop Up Cafe and Shops

We are hosting afternoon tea in our Café and it would be good if you could invite your friends and family to support us.  Our shops will offer a selection of bakery products, sweet treats and a takeaway. 

We have split Y6 into four groups and will run four sessions.  They will be open from 2.30 pm to 6 pm. 

Café 1            Wednesday 4th March 2020

Café 2            Wednesday 11th March 2020

Café 3            Wednesday 18th March 2020

Café 4            Wednesday 25th March 2020

You can download an order form at the bottom of this page.


Making Easter Bunnies

For our pop up cafes, we are making a selection of bunnies to go with 6S's chicks to sell.


World Book Day

We had a lovely afternoon with the nursery children, on World Book Day, sharing outdoor skills and books. 



Helpful way to remember geographic vocabulary...

In order to remember key types of coastal erosion, the children were introduced to 'The Secret Art of Coastal Kung Fu'

Learning through actions and music certainly livened up our Friday afternoon:


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