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Class 6F 2018-2019

Mrs Foster

Welcome to Year 6


To see our topics for the Spring Term, please download our newsletter below.


Delicioso Cibo

This week was the last of our year 6 restaurants.

The children were all amazing and a real credit to FPS. Well done everyone!


See the gallery below, for extra photos.


Can you spot our extra team member, in our game of dodgeball?

Unfortunately, the cat didn't help the team at all - it just continued to lie in the sun!


The Great Wall of Rice and Spice

This week was the second of our year 6 restaurants.

The children were all amazing and a real credit to FPS. Well done everyone! 

See the gallery below, for extra photos.


Well done, Class 6F - you are worthy winners of this term's reading racetrack task. I am so proud of you all - keep the consistent reading up!

Well done to everyone who dressed up for this year's World Book Day - you looked amazing!

Also, to our very own Scribbleboy characters who performed in our WBDay assembly - you were totally ultra-mega-scribblewonderful!

PE - Dance - World War 2

Understanding how evacuees would have felt being separated from family and friends. Children were experimenting with movements and gestures in their short performances. See more in the gallery.

Flower arranging - the final task before their big reveal...

...and, the final flower finished and ready to grace a table in our restaurant...

It's Spring...so that means...flowers!

There are a few photos of the making process in the gallery, below and two of the finished products. The flowers will grace our restaurant tables when they begin this week and all through the month of March. The flowers look fantastic - showcasing a range of colours, materials and making skills. Another successful DT topic - well done, Class 6F!


Problem Solving in Maths

We were using the skills of analysing and investigating when finding out how many bricks were in a wall. Different methods were shared by the children to find out the answer.

Collecting quotes in English

In preparation for an English lesson writing a newspaper report, the children were asked to collect quotes to include in it. In groups, they became characters from Scribbleboy and spoke about the issue they were going to report on, in mini recording devices. See other photos in the gallery below.



2019's Bikeability Training Scheme has begun - the bikes are all lined up, no one has lost their key (YET!) and helmets are on. All we need is a dry, warm week!

6F - Caring about the Community Assembly

Sophia, Jessica, Lottie and Freya presented an assembly all about 'Homelessness' because they wanted us, at FPS, to be more aware about it. They were confident in their presenting skills and backed this up with an informative powerpoint presentation. Well done - a great cause and everyone learnt so much more about the causes and what we could do to help too.

Improving our fitness in PE

We have set up a 6-station circuit with 3 muscular and 3 cardio exercises. Each week, we spend 1 minute on each station, counting how many exercises we complete and then the next week we try and beat our previous score. 

DT - Analysing materials to design and make a flower.

In preparation for our restaurants, we are currently getting ready to make flowers for our table centre pieces. We have looked at and used different materials to test which would work best when making our flowers. The photo evidence can be found in the gallery, below.

Maths Problem Solving

The children got into all sorts of strange positions to solve these problems. 

Scribbleboy speeches

The children wrote speeches as the character - Ziggy Fuzz, from Scribbleboy. They used a range of persuasive techniques and structures, including: 3-part lists, alliteration, an audience focus and imagery. They then recorded themselves performing the speech. See the gallery below, for more pictures.

Forest School Sessions

Year 6 have had a great time helping Year 1 in the grounds with Mr Moulton. Today, they have been creating their own stick people based on the book 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson.


Locating St Lucia in our latest Geography topic.

To begin, we used a world map to predict where we thought St Lucia was located and put an 'X marks the spot' then we lined up in the order of closest to furthest away. To complete the activity, we used an atlas to become a little more familiar with the island.







Autumn Term Topics


This term we are learning all about LIGHT.

We have been making periscopes to prove that light travels in straight lines. We will also be learning about the internal and external parts of the eye, investigating shadows and looking at refraction and dispersion.



Our topic this term is EUROPE and The EU

A few key questions to consider:

  • What is the European Union?
  • Do you think the UK should leave or remain in the EU?
  • Where is Dolceacqua and how does it compare to Flixton?



 We will be learning all about the ANCIENT GREEKS in our first history topic.

Key areas that will are going to cover are:

  • The Olympics
  • Where and when the Ancient Greeks existed.
  • Athenians and Spartans
  • Evaluating the significance of different sources of evidence.
  • Validating and organising clues.
  • Democracy 



Our first topic is MOVEMENT. We will be learning about how different artists portray movement through their work. We will also be studying the human form and exploring with different media. 



Watch this space for our completed FAIRGROUND RIDES. We will be learning all about levers, pulleys and gears. 

We have already started thinking about our favourite rides and how they move. 



Our topic is HIP HOP music and we will be rapping to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’




Miss Corker will be teaching the class French this year.



Mr Moulton will be teaching the class all about ANIMATION.



Total Gymnastics will be in teaching us lots of different skills and techniques.

Outdoor PE will be LACROSSE.



We will be learning all about BUDDHISM this half term.

The class will have a chance to find out about why Buddha is important as well as learning about meditation, the Eightfold Path and the Four Nobel Truths.




Library is on Thursday.

PE is Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).

Home learning will be given out on Thursday, to be returned the following Tuesday

Reading Racetrack books due in every Friday

Merry Christmas Everyone!

To begin our Christmas celebrations, we organised a Secret Santa present giving session, which was such good fun. Many thanks to Ava, Jess and Lottie for sorting out the whole event - what great little elves they were!

Have a look at more photos in our class gallery...

...and, better late than never...

We have had a great morning making our Christmas chocolate logs. They are all packaged up and ready to go. Hope you enjoy them...ho, ho, ho!


Visit from the Greater Manchester Magistrates

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a presentation from Greater Manchester Magistrates. We learned about the role of a magistrate, the work of the Magistrates Court and about the judicial system.


Amazing Art

As part of our learning on movement, we have spent the day with Ms Plant constructing a model in the style of Giacometti. See more photos in the gallery

Fantastic Fairgrounds!

In DT this term, we have been learning about different mechanisms in fairground rides. Look at the effort and determination that went into creating the final models. More photos in the gallery.

Presenting our learning about Dolceacqua in Italy.

In Geography, we have created our own travel videos using our research skills and persuasive techniques.


Visit to the Fo Kuang Shan Buddhist Temple.

As part of our learning in RE, we visited the temple to learn about Buddhist practices and look at the shrines.

See more photos in the gallery below



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