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Class 6F 2020 - 2021

Mrs Foster

Welcome to 6F! 

We are looking forward to a great final year at Flixton Primary School. 


Library is on Monday.

PE is Wednesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).

Reading Racetrack books due in every Friday

Talk Topics set on Wednesday, to be completed on the following Monday.


School Rules

We have been thinking about our school rules and how we can demonstrate them: 


Welcome to the new Class 6F - here's to a great year...



History - What evacuation was really like.

We looked at photographs and used inference to offer ideas of what was actually going on. Then, we conducted a role play where the children were given evacuee identities and spoke to each other about their experiences:

Then, we organised ourselves in order from those evacuees who had a great experience, down to those who were not so fortunate.



DT - Flowers

Our topic this term is flowers. This week, we completed our analysis session and we learnt about the parts of a flower in preparation for the next stage of our learning.




Year 6 Hunter-Gatherer Day

A big thank you to Mr Moulton for such a great day. We learnt a range of skills including building dens, making and shooting bows and arrows, bug hunting and pizza making. You can see a selection of photos in the galleries below.


Couldn't resist posting this picture of Oscar showing his delight at winning a maths game...


Geography - delving into the complex world of the EU

We have been researching about how the EU is made up, what its benefits are and why the UK decided to leave - all in an afternoon's work!

The children now know that there are not 28 member countries anymore but 27 - due to Brexit!


Art - Movement Sequences

With an ipad, we took a series of photographs showing a movement (of us, running or jumping) from the start of the move to the end. Then, we copied each snap into 5-9 lined drawings, as follows:





We're keen to start testing our mathematical skills - extension challenges, here we come...







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