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Welcome to Class RC


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Happy Chinese New Year! Have a look at our Chinese New Year pictures in the News Items below.

This weeks sounds are: y, z, zz and qu

Tricky words: he, she

Practise reading and writing, 'buzz, zip, quack, quit, quiz, yes, yell, yum. Captions: 'The duck can quack', 'It is a quiz', 'He quit the quiz'.

Previous sounds:  j, v, w, x

See if you can write these words or put them in a sentence jug, vet, wet, fix, box, taxi or write the caption, 'a dog in a box'



Happy New Year! It is lovely to see the children returning to school with such a positive attitude and ready to learn lots of new things!


Our Talk for Writing text is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and the children are already enjoying re-telling the story and using the signs we have practised.


We will start to learn some new sounds next week (Phase 3). This week we have re-capped our Phase 2 sounds and have practised reading and writing VC words (words with 2 sounds in). For homework we have asked if you can support your child to read and write the following VC words and to see if you can put them in a sentence:

am, in, at, up, on, if, off


Our Talk Topic this week is linked to the 'Lost and Found' text. We are asking if you can support your child to make a boat which we can test to see if it floats or sinks next Thursday (16th)! We can't wait to see the children's different ideas for their boats, we will be sure to show you in the website gallery pages how we get on!  


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We hope you have a lovely Christmas and wanted to say thank you for the lovely cards and generous gifts. Enjoy the holidays, we're looking forward to seeing you in the new year!


Class RC are so excited about Christmas, we were so proud of them in their Christmas performance and hope you enjoyed watching it.

We have been busy doing lots of Christmas activities such as making paper chains of different lengths with repeating patterns, following instructions about how to make decorations, making Christmas cards, making models with 'snow dough' making our own wrapping paper with repeating patterns, making presents and listening to Christmas stories. Have a look in the gallery! 




We have been talking about our 4 b's and giving examples of how we use these in class when we're learning, looking after our classroom, ourselves and each other!


Phase 2 Sounds

This week's sounds:  h, b, f, ff, l, ll

Previous sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e,u, r 

Please support your child to sound out and attempt to write simple words from these letters such as sat, tin, tap, man etc.

You could also try to read captions such as 'pat a dog', 'sit on a pin' or 'a tin can'

High Frequency Words: and, is, it, in, at, and - please practise the words on the yellow strips sent home.

Tricky Words: to, the, no, go, into

Helpful websites include phonicsplay.co.uk and phonicsbloom.com


Here are a few reminders:

Please label all clothes including jackets and spare clothes

Please ensure your child has spare clothes on their peg

Please make sure they have a book bag which is brought in every day for their letters and work. The book bags fit neatly in their trays so are often a better option than backpacks.


Weekly Reminders

Monday - Reading books

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday - Library books

Thursday - Talk Topic

Friday - Reading books


Also please could you save any recycling such as small boxes or bottle tops etc as the children love to make models?

Please send in your family photo if you haven't done so already for our family photo wall.


Please check the news items and gallery items below, these will be updated regularly.









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Christmas Activities, by Mrs Carr

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