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Class RO 2019 - 2020

Mrs O'Grady

Welcome to Class RO Mrs O'Grady, Mrs Da Silva, Mrs Mason and Mrs Jones. 



Phases 24.1.20

This week we have continued to learn new sounds in phase 3. The sounds for this week are:

y- move your hand up and down pretending it's a yoyo, say 'y'. 

z/zz- pretend to zip up your coat, say 'z'.

qu- pretend your hand is a duck's beak, say 'qu'. 

Can you read and write these words? 

quit   quack   yes    yum    zip    buzz   zigzag    

Remember 'qu' must have the 'u' with it. 

We have also learnt the new tricky words he and she. 

Can you read and write these sentences?

The duck can quack. 

I quit the quiz. 

Yes I can get a pet. 


We loved our second yoga session today. We did various yoga moves like the dog, surfer, child's pose and snake. Ask you child if they can show you any of the moves. We were also very good at deep breathing. 


In music today we even got out the glockenspiels to play along with 'If you're happy and you know it.' We learnt how to hold the beater and played the note G in time to the pulse of the music. 



We even had a visit from the school nurses this morning. We all learnt about the imortance of washing and drying our hands carefully. 





The children have settled in really well this week, they've remembered lots of the rules for the classroom and have really impressed us with their learning. 

In phases this week we have been recapping phase 2 and in particular words with only 2 sounds. Can you read and write these words? See how fast you can do it. 

am    it    is  an   if    off    up   on     in 

Next week we will be starting phase 3! Keep an eye out for lots of new sounds and tricky words. 


In maths this week we have been finding different ways to make 5. We have been using the vocabulary add, total, equals and altogether. See how many ways you can make 5. Count out 5 objects together and then hide some, how many have been hidden? 

Have a look at our Spring newsletter to find out more information. 

We loved our yoga class! We all felt very relaxed and calm afterwards. 


The children have had a super first term in Reception and have settled in so well. 

Phases homework has been sent with the sounds and words that the children need to practice. Please have a go at them over the holidays. 

We loved making our snowmen biscuits with Mrs Tatham this week. The children were very good at listening to and following a lot of instructions!  See the gallery for more photos. 


A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas performance this morning. We were so proud of all of the children they did an amazing job! 

Phases - this week we have recapped some of our phase 2 sounds. The children are fantastic at writing CVC words now. Can you write any of these words? 

net      duck     mum     dog    neck    tuck    did


We have also been reading and writing some sentences together. Some of the children are even using spaces between their words. 

Have a go at reading and writing these sentences: 

Get on the bus. 

A red hen in a den. 

I can huff and puff. 

A duck and a hen. 

In maths this week we have been learning about money. We have made a toy shop in the classroom and have been busily using 1p coins to buy our toys. We have also tried to write shopping lists and find out about the different jobs in a toy shop. 



Phases 22.11.19

This week we have been busy recapping the sounds from phase 2. The children are getting really good at blending sounds for reading and segmenting sounds for writing. We are all practicing our letter formation, we must remember to start our letters from the top! 

We are all using the funky fingers activities to strengthen our pencil grips. Here are some ideas of things you can do at home: 

  • practice zipping up a coat. 
  • threading a lace with some pasta. 
  • using play dough and pushing, squeezing and twisting it. 
  • going on the monkey bars at the park. 
  • peeling an orange with one hand. 


Phases ck,e,u,r

ck- pretend to have castanets, make a c sound. 

e- pretend to break an egg in half,e.

u- pretend to put an umbrella up, u. 

r- pretend you have a rag in your mouth, shake from side to side and make the sound r. 

The tricky word we have learnt to read this week are: to and the. 

We have learnt to spell the tricky word 'and'. 

See if you can write these words:

rap      rug     pet    ten    sock    sack    mug    sun


Can you read these sentences? 

Rats on a sack. 

A pup in the mud. 

Run to the den. 

Mugs and cups. 


In maths this week we have been finding one more and one less than a number using objects to help us. 

We loved sharing the talk topics about Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations. Thank you for all of your hard work with this. We have put some of the ideas up in the classroom, come and have a look next Tuesday at open classroom. 

Next week we will be looking at 3D shapes in our maths lesson, please could you send in any junk modelling boxes, tubes etc for us to use. 

Keep on practising getting changed for PE, Mrs Jones is very impressed with how independent the children are but they are still finding buttons, tights and pinafores a bit tricky. 



After the holidays the Reception children will be getting changed for their PE lessons. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. We encourage the children to get dressed independently and would therefore appreciate it if you could practice this with them in the holidays. 



Phases set 3 g,o,c,k 

This week we have learnt the sounds g,o,c and k. 

g- pretend your finger is water going down the plug g

o- pretend you are a seal, clap your hands together o

c/k - pretend to have castanets, make a c sound. 

High frequency words you should be able to read are,

and      is    it     as   in

CVC words to read and write,

gap, cat, cod, kid, pig, pop. 

Can you read and write these captions? 

a tin can                   pat a dog            pots and pans


I've added a document in the news items called 'What to expect when,' this is a really useful document to support your child's learning. 




EExAT codes - We have now sent everyone a code for EExAT, our online learning journey tool. As a part of our observations of the children it is important that we have information about the things that they do at home. Here's some ideas of the things that you could send. 

  • Being kind to a family member or friend
  • An achievement out of school for example a swimming badge, gymnastics award or a drama certificate.
  • Riding a bike for the first time.
  • Doing something they have never done before, for example, climbing to the top of the climbing frame or getting dressed without help.
  • Something they have been proud of.
  • Baking or cooking and following a recipe.
  • Showing an interest in something, for example, finding out about a topic they love.
  • Attending a special event
  • Counting different types of objects.
  • Making marks in different materials.
  • Learning their tricky words or using their phonics in a reading book.

Any problems, just let me know and if you're not sure send the observation anyway!

Phases week 2 set 2 

This week we have learnt the sounds i,,n,m,d. 

i- make a iii sound and pretend you have whiskers. 

n- put your arms out to the side like a plane saying nnnn.

m- rub tummy and make mmmm sound. 

d- pretend to hit a drum, dddd. 

We have also learnt to read the tricky word I and some other high frequency words like an, at, as, it, is. 


Thank you to everyone who attended the phases meeting.  The PowerPoint has been added to the class page.

The website for phonics play is www.phonicsplay.co.uk  

Phase 2  week 1 

This week the children have learnt the sounds s,a,t and p. 

s- move your hand like a snake saying sssss.

a - pretend you have an ant in your arm saying aaaa.

t- pretend you are at a tennis match watching the ball, turn your head side to side saying ttt.

p- pretend your finger is a candle a blow it out saying ppp. 

Make sure you don't put an 'uh' sound onto the end! 

Words to practice blending  and segmenting

 sat, tap, at, pat




Talk topic 4 - What is Autumn? 

Can you go on an Autumn walk and find some signs of Autumn? Bring them to school on Thursday 3rd October and we can talk about all of the different things we've found. 


The 4bs. 

We've been working super hard on following the school rules, the 4bs, for the last two weeks. The children are talking about them in their play and are really starting to follow them well. Can you talk to your child about the 4bs and see if they can tell you how they are following them? 

Open Classroom Wednesday 25th September 

This is an opportunity for your child to show you what they've enjoyed learning at school. You get a chance to have a look around the classroom and find out what your child enjoys learning and you can see the continuous provision areas in the room. 

Reception phases meeting Tuesday 8th October

This meeting will take place in the school hall and will provide you with information about how we teach your child to read and write. We will also give you ideas about how you can help at home. 


Talk Topic 1 - 13.9.19 

Can you find out how to put your coat on? What happens if your sleeves are the wrong way round? 

I've chosen this talk topic to support the children in becoming more independent in the classroom. Many of them can do their coats but find it tricky if their sleeves are inside out. Please help them at home to practice and talk about the steps with them. 


The children have been fantastic this week, we've had lots of fun in areas and have worked really hard on listening to instructions and keeping our resources tidy by 'being respectful.' We will introduce the other school rules next week. 


We have been really impressed with how well the children have settled in today. They've been fantastic! 

Remember, any questions please just come and ask. 

Have a look at the gallery to see what we've been up to in our first few days at school.  

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