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Nursery 2022/23 2021 - 2022

Miss Bermingham

Welcome to the Nursery's Class Page


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Welcome to Nursery

A very warm welcome to all of our new nursery children and grown-ups. We can't wait to meet every single one of you. In the meantime, we hope that this page will help you familiarise yourselves with our nursery and things you may need to know prior to starting in September. 

My name is Miss Bermingham and I will be your nursery teacher. I taught in nursery last year so I have lots of wonderful ideas for things that we can do together.

I love to read stories so if you would like to watch some of my stoires before starting nursery, feel free to have a nosey at my YouTube page. When we finally get to meet each other, you can tell me what your favourite story was! 



Important Information Prior to Starting Nursery

Times of the day

  • Full time children 8.40am-3.20pm
  • Morning children 8.40am-11.40am
  • Afternoon children 12.20pm-3.20pm

On your child’s first day, they will enter nursery by the nursery door, to the right of the main reception. We ask children to sanitise their hands before entering. Children can then find their own peg, hang up their belongings and enter nursery.

A Typical Day

  • 8.40   Nursery door opens 
  • 8.50  AM register
  • 9.00  Phases (phonics) / Talk 4 Writing
  • 9.15  Learning areas indoor / outdoor
  • 11.15  Maths
  • 11.30  Dinner time
  • 12.20  PM register
  • 12.30  Mathematics session
  • 12.45  Learning areas indoor / outdoor
  • 14.45  Story / singing / circle time/other areas   of learning
  • 15.20  Home time

Book Bags 

These are essential. Please make sure your child has one and that they bring it to school every day. It allows the children to safely bring home letters, information, books and things they have made. Please check their bags each night for letters. 


Children wear their own clothes for nursery. We ask that you do not put them in their best clothes as we love to get messy! A top, trousers and comfy shoes are ideal. 


We are often getting changed in and out of puddle suits, so we ask that children wear suitable shoes for nursery. We know that there are some beautiful children's shoes out there, but please save these for the weekend as they are likely to be ruined! Velcro shoes are preferred as children can get them on and off with little support.  

Children should also bring a named pair of wellies to keep in nursery. Children will not be allowed in the mud kitchen unless they have their wellies, so please bring these in and we will keep them safe on the welly boot rack. 

Change of clothes / Spares

Children must have atleast 2 lots of spare clothes in nursery everyday. This includes underwear and socks! Please bring a named bag with your child's clothes in and we will keep this on their peg. If your child needs to get changed during the day, we will send their bag home at hometime ready to be restocked for the following day. 2 lots of clothes may seem excessive, but the children have access to mud/ water / paint etc all day, throw in a little accident too and before you know it, there are no spares left! 


If your child is not toilet trained by September, it is important that you contact us before they start Nursery so that we can talk through specific toileting arrangements with you.  

Packed Lunches 

We are a NUT FREE school. Please bear this in mind when making your child's packed lunch. We have seen some wonderful packed lunches in our time in nursery. Although you may recieve 'super-parent points' for making the likes of home- made pesto pasta, pesto does contain nuts, so unfortunately, it isn't allowed. Healthy packed lunches are preferred but there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat! 

Toast Time 

We have 'toast time' every day in nursery. This takes place in the morning and children can enjoy a piece of Mrs Slattery's best toast with their favourite topping. Toast time is much more than just an opportunity to eat. Sitting at the table in groups allows children to practise the following:

  • Listening to the opinion of others when in small groups.
  • Retelling  simple stories.
  • Developing understanding of ‘who,’ ‘what’ ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions.
  • It gives children the opportunity to tell their own stories.
  • It allows children to respond showing an understanding of an experience or event.
  • Using one-handed equipment, such as a knife, allows children to practise their fine motor control.

We kindly ask for £1 per week. This covers the cost of the loaves, butter and any toppings that the children wish to have. Thank you.


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