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RE 2021 - 2022

Miss Eldridge

Here are the phases videos to support you learning the sounds we have covered so far. 

Week 1 - s a t p 



Week 2 - i n m d and the tricky word I. 



Week 3 - g o c k and the tricky word 'and.' 



Week 4 - ck e u r and the tricky word 'to.'


Week 5 - h b f l ll ss and recap of tricky words



Thank you so much for uploading your EExAT observations from home. Here are some ideas of things to look out for:

  • playing a game where they have to take turns. 
  • telling you which colour they are feeling (green, red, blue or yellow) and why. 
  • mark making using any material or media. 
  • counting objects, sorting objects eg leaves by colour or size. 
  • a new achievement, eg swimming without arm bands or trying something new for the first time. 
  • being kind to somone.

Your observations from home form a huge part of our understanding of your child and these observations are really valubale to us. Please keep sending them in. 



Welcome to Class RE. I am the class teacher Miss Eldridge.


Other members of staff in our EYFS are: Mrs Jones, Mrs DaSilva, Mrs Marshall and Miss Cassidy.


Please find information about the new government baseline assessment in the files section at the bottom of the class page. 



Keep an eye on this page and you will find out all about what the children have been learning at school as well as reminders.

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