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RR 2021 - 2022

Miss Ralston

Welcome to Class RR. 


Members of staff in our EYFS are: Miss Ralston, Mrs Jones, Mrs Marshall and Miss Cassidy.



Gallery Cafe Visit

The children were absolutely amazing on their cafe trip. It was lovely to hear that they were using their good manners and turn-taking with ordering. Thank you so much to the adults who helped us with the trip, I hope you had as much fun as the children did! See some photos below in the gallery!

THE GALLERY, Urmston - Updated 2022 Restaurant Reviews, Menu & Prices -  Tripadvisor


Please see the Summer Newsletter below to see what RR will be learning this term!


Important Days

Monday and Friday - Reading book change

Tuesday - Library book change

Thursday - P.E


Phases Resources

Phase 3

This half term we are moving onto Phase 3 sounds. Below are videos to show the sounds we have covered so far.

The phase 3 sound mat is below in the 'news'

Week 1 - j v w x - https://www.loom.com/share/efe298ccb03449b29c75abece86635df

Week 2 - y qu z zz - https://www.loom.com/share/ab41744654e54cb3aaca0fe98710333d

Week 3- sh, ch, th and ng  https://www.loom.com/share/c6151bde148247f580a04d47c53abe9c

See if you can read and write these words? 

chop, rich, fish, song, that, path, thin. 

Can you read this sentence? 

The king is rich. 

Can you have a go at writing this sentence? 

He has fish and chips.


Week 4 - ai ee igh oa https://www.loom.com/share/946db2f2c5c34fa885edc7bb86093942

Can you have a go at reading and writing these words? pain, main, goat, road, sheep, night. 

Can you try to read my sentence? 

He was on the road. 

Now have a go at writing this sentence. 

The goat is on the high road. 


Week 5 - oo, oo(u), or, ur



Have a go at reading and writing these words. 

zoo, moon, soon, car, park, farmyard, for, sort, turnip. 


Can you read this sentence?

My cart is on the high road. 

Can you write this sentence? 

The food is hot. 



Week 6 - ow, oi, ear and air. Tricky word 'you.' 


Can you read and write these words?

cow, boil,down, fear, beard, hair, pair, chair. 


Can you read these sentences? 

You can dig in the deep soil. 

Can you get a beard? 


Can you have a go at writing this sentence? 

The pair of socks on the mat. 


Week 7 - ure and er. Tricky words her, all, are and they. 


Can you read and write these words ? 

cure, pure, manure, her, letter, ladder, summer. 

Can you read this sentence? 

They can get a cure.

Can you write this sentence? 

It is hot in summer.





Phase 2

Here are the phases videos to support you learning the sounds we have covered.

I have attached our Phase 2 sound mat below.

Week 1 - s a t p - https://www.loom.com/share/015ba5a9ba644c15bf87efaec4722b59

Week 2 - i n m d and the tricky word I - https://www.loom.com/share/a094ed92d9e846aeb05c4043cca2405e

Week 3 - g o c k and the tricky word 'and.'  - https://www.loom.com/share/9902ce9947154be4885fa373b1716ff9

Week 4 - ck e u r and the tricky word 'to.' - https://loom.com/share/f4744b1125414cc4ade9ea88455b22f3 

Week 5 - h b f l ll ss and recap of tricky words - https://www.loom.com/share/5fbe330d468243dc8e2dcde8ff873130 


Thank you so much for uploading your EExAT observations from home. Here are some ideas of things to look out for:

  • playing a game where they have to take turns. 
  • telling you which colour they are feeling (green, red, blue or yellow) and why. 
  • mark making using any material or media. 
  • counting objects, sorting objects eg leaves by colour or size. 
  • a new achievement, eg swimming without arm bands or trying something new for the first time. 
  • being kind to somone.

Your observations from home form a huge part of our understanding of your child and these observations are really valubale to us. Please keep sending them in. 


Please find information about the new government baseline assessment in the files section at the bottom of the class page. 


Keep an eye on this page and you will find out all about what the children have been learning at school as well as reminders.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page and find the menu in the 'RR:News items' section.

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World Book Day (1), by Miss Freeman

RE Cafe Visit, by Miss Eldridge

RE's Rainbow Cafe, by Miss Eldridge

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