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26th February 2018


Today year 2 braved the cold in maths!!!! This week we are looking at measuring length and distance. We know that Usain Bolt can run the 100m in 9.58 seconds (just under 10 seconds) and wondered how far we could run in that time. First we decided we needed to measure out a track and predicted how far we would run. We used a trundle wheel and a metre stick to do this. Then Mrs Kirke timed us and put down a marker to show our distance. Then we measured how far we had run by looking at how many metres we had run and then measuring how many centimetres further than this we had travelled. 



23rd February 2018


Year 2 children worked on an 'all possibility' problem. They had the following information:

This is all about putting green cubes on top of red cubes with some simple rules.
1) The red cubes must be touching the floor (or table top etc.).
2) The green cubes must not be touching the floor.
3) All the cubes are interlocking cubes so they can only be joined square face to square face.
4) The green cubes are next to each other.


The children talked about how they might solve this problem and then had a go. They discovered that they needed to work systematically and work in an organised way in order to check that they had all the different ways.


The children worked in groups and all had different coloured cubes.


The most ways found during the lesson was 21.


19th February 2018


Year 1 children did a money hunt! Envelopes of money had been hidden all over school!  They had to use their counting skills to find out how much money was hidden in each envelope. It looks like they had lots of fun!




Christmas Maths in Year 5

The children made calendars using nets of 3D shapes.

Christmas Maths in Reception


The children have been making Christmas trees by cutting pieces of paper to make the correct length for the next part of the tree. They have been using the language longer and shorter when cutting their pieces.


Christmas Maths in Year 2


The children have been making paper chains. As part of this activity the children had a design specification. Each strip had to measure 20cm long and they had to work together to make a chain of 2m long.


Mathematics Curriculum

We have developed our own calculations policy in order to ensure that the children follow a clear path towards being successful in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is set out in a document for EYFS and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Here is our EYFS and Key Stage 1 policy.


Here are our Key Stage 2 policy. This is set out in the four different mathematical operations.










Times Tables are a key to success in maths. Here are the weekly assessments we use to help our junior children improve their skills.


These maths triangles are helpful for learning times table facts.