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English Events and News!

July 2021:

We had a visit from Kathryn at Urmston Bookshop today. She has put together a list of super books for each year group. The list is coming home on an order form today and the full list is available at the bottom of this page (in case your order form is lost, or you would like to order from a different year group!).


April 2021:

Reading Racetrack Assembly

Well, we have had rather an up and down year with lockdowns! However, we are keen to keep that reading going as it is such an important skill for our children. We 'restarted' the racetrack after the most recent lockdown and held our reading racetrack assembly 8 weeks later............ The competition was fierce. To win a gold trophy, you needed 100% of your class to have completed a lap, and you needed in the high 90%s to win silver. Congratulations to our winning classes:

6F and 1B (Gold!)

3B and 2JL (Silver!)

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 4.59.14 PM.png


March 2020:

Reading Racetrack Assembly

1B and 1Y shared the infant first place trophy while 5B and 5FK shared the junior one. 1L and 6F were both in second place for their respective sites! We had 4 classes with 100%, which means that all of the children had read at home to an adult at least 4 times a week for at least 6 out of the 8 previous weeks. Super stuff!


World Book Day:

World Book Day was celebrated across the school in lots of different ways. We had assemblies where teachers shared some of their favourite books; classes met together to share books and there was even a book character competition!


Jan 2020:

Here are the trophy winners from our most recent reading racetrack.... Congratulations 1Y, 5B and 6F (winners) and 1B and 5FK (runners up).


Oct 2019:

Our Y3 and 4 pupils had a visit from new author - Marie Basting. They enjoyed hearing about the characters in her book and her experiences as an author.


May 2019:

Our Y5 and 6 pupils really enjoyed learning about being an author from Jessica Townsend who visited our school today. We also enjoyed welcoming the Y5 and 6 pupils from St Monica's who joined us for the event.

April 2019:

We have had a massive number of views and comments on Pobble!

March 2019:

World Book Day saw us all dressing up with loads of book related activities going on. Many classes 'linked up' to enable our infant pupils to work with our junior pupils.

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