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We teach History at FPS because everyone needs to know where they have come from, and why their lives are as they are. History builds an understanding of a shared past, with knowledge and understanding of events and people who shaped our world, and when those events took place.

The historical skills of enquiry and investigation, using sources as evidence and becoming aware of the veracity and reliability of those sources, is an important foundation to becoming a confident, knowledgeable and successful modern citizen. History enables children to learn how to generate effective and probing questions, and have the skills to seek and find reliable answers.

A good knowledge of History gives you the wisdom to put your own life in a broader context, and know what you might be capable of in the future, by knowing what people have done in the past. Without a knowledge of History, your world is very small.

Understanding why we study History is important too . When asked, Flixton Primary School pupils' responses highlighted the importance of learning from the past, so that history doesn't repeat itself and learning about changes over time and how this can help us in the present and future. 

When we study History, we use a variety of skills and explore a range of sources. History is made up of many jigsaw pieces and as young historians at Flixton Primary, it is our job to investigate sources, ask questions, research and much more! 

At Flixton Primary School, we have the opportunity to really dig our teeth into History. Take a look at our curriculum map.


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