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Life In WW2 & Our Anderson Shelter

Anderson shelters!

In World War 2, if there was an air raid, also known as the BLITZ, you would have to run for your life into these life saving shelters. If you DIDN’T go into one, you ran the risk of you getting your head blown off by an SC250 highly explosive bomb. Shelters were made out of corrugated metal taking up the shape to hold it together.


If you earned 5 pounds or less a week, the government gave you one for free! By September 1939, one and a half million of these shelters were given and put out in the gardens. The selling of these shelters was a massive success around the country and all the money made from them was sent to the factories to help with making ammunition and planes. The Anderson shelter was named after Sir John Anderson, head of air raid precautions in WW2!