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Physical Education


Exciting news: 

We have a GB athlete visiting our school on Tuesday 13th November 2018.


Inspired Through Sport are dedicated to supporting British Athletes and inspiring the next generation of sporting heroes!

They help GB’s best on their journey to success through the #GIVINGBACK athlete support programme.


Why we need to support athletes:

Although athletes work and train hard, many rely solely on sponsorship from charities and families in order to reach their dreams and represent their country. Whilst very high-profile athletes will often be sponsored by large companies such as Nike and Adidas, many others struggle to raise enough funds to continue in their sport.

What they do & How they do it:

 #GivingBack athlete support programme provides over 300 GB athletes with funding, as well as access to a number of services that help them on their journey to GOLD.

 These services include:

·        ​​Physiotherapists

·        Nutritionists

·        Chiropractors

·        Athlete Mentors

·        Holistic Healers

·        Our Creative Media Team

·        Career advisors

·        International Competition Travel

·        Performance Analysts


​They fund the #GIVINGBACK athlete support programme through either paid or sponsored visits from GB Athletes to schools.


How do you come in?

In the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Inspired through Sport will be bringing a GB athlete to visit your child’s school on the Tuesday 13th November 2018.

The day will start with an inspiring assembly led by the athlete where they will share their sporting journey with the students, allowing them to understand the hard work and dedication needed in order to achieve success. Afterwards, each year group will complete a challenging fitness circuit with the athlete and have the opportunity for a meet & greet. During this time, they will also learn about healthy living and the importance of developing a growth mind-set.

On Friday 2nd November, your child received a sponsorship form to complete for the event. These forms should be completed and returned to your child’s teacher along with the money raised (which should be in a sealed envelope). The funds raised will not only support our GB sporting stars, but your child’s school will also receive a large proportion of the money to enable them to purchase new PE equipment. As we know the lead up to Christmas is an expensive time of year, even a donation of £1 will be truly appreciated. 

Further Information:

The final date to bring in your donations is  Thursday 15th November 2018.

If you have lost your sponsorship form, you can download and print off a new one! (Please see link at the bottom of the page.)


Thank you in advance for your support!








To further promote a healthier lifestyle, Flixton Primary are now involved in the

'WOW Project- The Year-Round Walk to School Challenge'.

Make sure you walk to school at least twice a week in order to receive a badge at the end of the month! Good luck!



PE at Flixton Primary School aims to ensure all children are physically active for at least two hours per week. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a range of sporting provision, as well as access to playing competitively. We have organised the programme of study in the following way, to ensure participation and engagement in a range of sports across the curriculum. Children throughout all year groups have the opportunity to be coached by sports specialists. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop a lifelong understanding of health issues and the skills needed for confidentparticipation in sport and recreational activities. This enables children to make responsible decisions about leading a healthy lifestyle and promoting an active lifestyle of their own, in addition advising others on health and well-being.

By taking part in PE, children will develop key social skills. They will learn to actively engage in group work, as well as having access to different leadershiproles. PE is known to improve self-esteem and self-confidence, furthermore, increasing oxygen levels that will directly impact on concentrationlevels. PE provides a chance for outdoor education, which can be a very powerful source of learning for many children, consequently, improving motivationto learn and increasing pride in what they do.

PE also builds body strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination, agility, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. There are a considerable amount of health benefits, including decreased symptoms of anxiety and increased mental concentration to name a few. PE will help children to shape a brighter and safer future, reducing health risks later on in life, which result from cumulative unhealthy lifestyles.


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