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Autism and Social Communication

Link to the National Autistic Society’s page. It has lots of links to Social Stories and other useful resources.

You can also download The National Autistic Socieities tips sheets from the download section below.


National Autistic Society

Look at the downloads section for the following helpful documents. They have a range of supportive ideas and activities:

  •  National Autistic Society Tips
  •  National Autistic Society Tips for Families
  •  Keep Calm Kit
  •  Fun Activities and Learning Resources
  •  Parent and Carer Homeschool Kit


Here are some helpful videos from the 'Know Yourself' series. They are aimed at teenagers, so are probably more appropriate for Key Stage 2.

BBC - My Autism and Me – a Newsround Special from the BBC that helps to explain autism and show different autistic young people.

Amazing Things Happen – an animation to explain what autism is.


April 2024

'Respect for All is a charity registered website that offers specialist counselling and group support services for autistic and / or learning disabled people and their families and carers who live in Greater Manchester'. They offer 1:1 counselling, family counselling and parent / carer counselling. There is more information about what they offer on their website. Click here to be directly linked to the counselling page.

There is a referral form to complete on the website if you wish to enquire about any counselling.



May 2023

I have just been signposted to this series of podcasts.

The ones I have listened to are really interesting.

As well as the guests- including the wonderful Chris Packham- Jamie Knight and Robyn Steward are also excellent.

BBC Sounds - 1800 Seconds on Autism - Available Episodes




The National Autistic Society have published a document to support with transition. The resource focuses on two main stages of transition: from an Early Years setting to Primary school, and Primary school to Secondary school. The document is on the download section at the bottom entitled ' Supporting learners with autism during transition'.


Net Aware

Net Aware has partnered with Ambitious about Autism to bring online safety tips, advice and activities specifically for parents and carers of children with SEND. We spoke to parents of children with a range of special educational needs such as dyslexia, autism and speech and language difficulties.

Click this link to find out more…..



Trafford Local Offer

The Local Offer page have gathered a lot of useful information. You can access this using the link below:



Resource Links


Here is a link to a yoga training for teachers page. You need to sign up to access the free resources.

We have been sent a really useful article from a group who found our page, and felt that this article may be helpful in explaining how environemnts can be adapted to help children (and adults, for that matter) with autism. Thank you to Mindie for sharing it with us.

Unlocking Potential: Innovative Library Programs Enhancing the Lives of Autistic Individuals


Here is a link to the magazine entitled 'Autism Parenting'.


Free sensory planning with multisensory activities and messy play can be found here


www.timestables.co.uk is a great way to practice timestables. You do not need a login and it does not have the time pressure that some pupils find tricky.

There are also some resources in the download section  to support working at home. Many of the activities found on the Speech and Language, SEMH and Motor Skills pages may be useful too.


Files to Download