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School Meals

Children have the option to have a school meal, bring a packed lunch (carton drink or flask in a clearly marked container, no bottles please and no fizzy drinks), or to go home for their lunch. Please be aware that we are a nut free school.

Infant Department

Our delicious and healthy school dinners are free to all pupils in our Infant Department, except for the Nursery, who are not included in the Government's Universal Free School Meals scheme. Menus are available from the Infant Department office. Children are offered fruit in the mornings, so do not need to bring snacks in. Children may bring in water in bottles for use during the day. Water fountains are also available.

Junior Department

Payment for school meals in our Junior Department is only available through School Grid's pre-payment system, which has the great advantage of charging only for meals taken, and enables your child to have a school dinner whenever they need one. So, if you've run out of bread on a Thursday night, with your account set up, it's easy to just pre-order a school meal for the next day and know your child will eat a delicious, healthy meal without needing to run to the shops! The system is a NO CASH system, so we are unable to take cash payments for school dinners. Setting up an account is extremely simple and straightforward, and we would recommend all parents set one up, just in case they need to access the school dinner system at some point. Details of how to set up an account are below.  Payments can be made online by logging into your School Grid account and making a card payment or by ringing customer care on 01942707709 (option 1). 

Snacks, chocolate biscuits, crisps, etc. can be brought as part of a packed lunch box but children are not permitted to eat these items during other breaks. Children may bring in fruit as a snack for morning play, if they wish to. Water coolers are available in the junior department for drinks during the day and children may bring in bottled water.


Information on our Junior Department school meals provider, Dolce is below:



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