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Schemes of Work in English 

The National Curriculum, which is statutory, provides the framework for the teaching of English at Flixton Primary School.

To access more information about the English National curriculum, please click here.

Our 'core learning' document uses the National Curriculum as a basis and outlines the key learning in English in each year group at Flixton Primary School. Much of our learning in English revolves around the use of good quality texts. You can find out more about our core learning and our texts in the files at the bottom of this page.


EYFS and Year 1 are now following the Phonics Shed scheme for all phonics teaching. Year 2 are currently still using the Letters and Sounds document for their phonic work. You can find more information about phonics in the files at the bottom of the page. 

Reading Racetrack:

We encourage children to be heard read at home at least 4 times a week. If children achieve this (by bringing in a signed record each week), they are rewarded by moving their car around the reading racetrack in their classroom. There are prizes for laps of the racetrack completed and an inter-class trophy competition! We also have an end of year reward for those children who keep it up all year!

Spelling Shed:

Children have individual logins to Spelling Shed to support their learning at school and at home.



Children will be able to visit our schhol libraries regularly from Year 1.

Please remember that your child can join our local library for free access to a fantastic range of books and audiobooks.



Please follow these links to see out upper and lower case letter formation.



See also our 'handwriting steps' at the bottom of the page.


Sooper Books Link:

Sooper Books is a fantastic resource to get your children reading every day. It has an excellent range of award-winning quality free stories and audiobooks. 

You can use the links below for access to free resources:



(If you enjoy these resources, you can get unlimited access to everything from just £2/month.)

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