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Online Safety

This page offers links to websites that provide information for parents about keeping children safe online, as well as some documents that we hope will prove helpful to parents.

WhatsApp Guide for Parents

Please click here to view the ParentInfo advice and guidance on WhatsApp. It includes how to ensure privacy settings are appropriate and how to disable location settings. 

A Guide to Six Apps and Services that all parents should know about

Please click here to access the really useful ParentInfo guide to the most common apps that children may have access to. It's a simple, user friendly guide, and it includes links to other safety articles that may be useful for you.

A Guide to Discord

Please click this link for a Parents' Guide to the webchat app Discord, which is used by many Fortnite players.

A Children's Online Safety Test

Please click here to access Virgin Media's Children's Online Safety Tests. There are four topics to choose from - cyberbullying, parental controls, social media, and inappropriate content. Have a go - you will learn a thing or two!

Setting Up Parental Controls on your Home Broadband

GoCompare have produced a simple and really useful guide to why you might want to set up home broadband controls, and links to all the  ain providers to show you how to do it. It is a great way to spend a spare five minutes - informative and helping you keep your children safe.

Click here for GoCompare's Guide to Broadband Parental Controls

Online Safety Resource for Parents

There are three really useful animations promoting online safety for our younger children. The 'Jessie and Friends' series has been designed to help you start conversations about staying safe online with your child. The animations show Jessie and her friends engaging in the sort of normal online behaviours children are used to - gaming, chatting, watching videos. They encourage children to share with a trusted grown up any issues that arise, so that the grown up can help. 

You can find the videos by clicking the link: Jessie and Friends


ParentInfo is run by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection), a branch of the National Crime Agency, with an aim of educating parents on how to keep their children safe online and also helping parents keep up to date with online trends and new software and apps that their children might use or want to use.

Really useful articles related to safe use of the Internet:

The UK Safer Internet Centre have produced some brilliant How-To guides for parents which show you how to change the safety/child-lock settings on smartphones, gaming devices, iPads etc. They are very useful and you can find them by clicking here.

Internet Matters are an organisation dedicated to supporting parents in keeping children safe online. Their site includes easy to use guides for setting up Parental Controls on just about any internet-ready device you can think of! There are also guide for parents on apps and tech, and really useful guides that are age appropriate in their advice section. You can find them by clicking here.


For our younger pupils, there are DigiDuck stories which you can download and enjoy form the list below. DigiDuck has lots of online adventures, and with the help of his friends, family and an owl or two, learns a lot about how to use the internet safely. If you'd like a flavour of the stories, watch the YouTube video of the first in the series 'DigiDuck's Big Decision'.


Children's Online Safety Test


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