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Vision and Aims

Everyone is valued at Flixton Primary School. We believe in developing all members of our school community.

FPS should be a place which is safe and supportive, where everyone feels valued. There should be an environment of respect between all those who are a part of the school community: children, staff, parents and governors. The curriculum that our children experience should be challenging, positive and varied.

Children should be excited about their learning. They should be engaged in a creative curriculum, within a bright and stimulating environment. The activities and learning they face should encourage them to take calculated risks, experience and accept failure and success, and show resilience and adaptability. We should build their ability to solve the problems they face, both curricular and in their social development, by encouraging thinking around the problem and taking positive steps to find a solution.

Everything they do and are asked to do should have a purpose and a meaning to them, and be aimed at helping them reach their potential and become life long learners, with a thirst for knowledge and self improvement. School should be an adventure, where every child has the opportunity to discover their talents and have experiences that would otherwise not be available to them. It is a place that teaches tolerance, respect, empathy, self discipline and self control. When children leave us, they should leave as confident, articulate, happy young adults, able to play a positive role in society. We aim for our children to be citizens for the future. This school does not discriminate on grounds of disability, race or gender - we embrace equal opportunities for all.

When working, we aim for our children to demonstrate their:

*Enthusiasm for learning

*Motivation to learn and improve

*Ability to focus on a task to its completion

*Interest in different areas and subjects

*Ability to think "outside the box"


When dealing with their peers, we aim for our children to demonstrate their ability to:

*Co-operate with others

*Share and take turns

*Have empathy towards others


When they interact with other children and adults, we aim for our children to:

*Be respectful of others thoughts and feelings

*Be tolerant of others

*Have the confidence to assert their opinion, and listen to the opinions of others

*Be friendly

*Handle conflict without resorting to aggression

*Demonstrate self awareness and control


In the curriculum, we aim for our children to:

*Possess basic skills in key areas

*Become readers

*Demonstrate the ability to enquire about different areas of learning

*Be aware of where they come from

*Show good communication skills, written and spoken


In life, we aim for our children to:

*Show respect for other cultures and ways of life

*Care for their environment

*Be responsible for their own actions

*Be able to develop and act on their own moral standpoints and explain reasons for their actions

*Be fit and active and have a healthy lifestyle

*Make informed, thoughtful choices

*Be confident

*Develop independence

*Solve problems, showing resilience and adaptability

*Take calculated risks

*Participate positively in society, setting a positive example to others

*Be happy