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Mathematics is a highly connected subject, which is needed to competently function in society and the world of work. Children’s chances of success are maximised if they develop deep and lasting understanding of mathematical procedures and concepts. Therefore, the Mathematics curriculum at Flixton Primary School reflects the understanding that mathematical literacy is important for all pupils to possess and apply.  

Mathematical understanding is at the core of every lesson and is achieved through the use of concrete manipulatives and pictorial images. Within lessons, the onus placed on procedure and fluency, is there to help build foundations and free working memory, so real life links are also made where appropriate. This is a purposeful strategy used so that children are able to question, discuss and reason at a deeper level.



What is the Year 4 multiplication tables check?

The multiplication tables check is a national online test for pupils in Year 4, which will be carried out in June. Pupils are asked to answer 25 questions on times tables from two to 12. They are given six seconds per question, with three seconds rest between each question, so the test should last less than five minutes.

Questions about the six, seven, eight, nine, and 12 times tables are likely to come up most often, as these are the hardest for most children to learn. It’s a good idea to focus on these tricky times tables with your child.

As a school, we subscribe to both Maths Shed and Times Tables Rockstars to help your child practise at home. Please let your child's class teacher know if you cannot find your child's logins.



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