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2K Autumn 1 Learning

Autumn 1

English: In our spelling sessions we will be been recapping on all the Phase 5 sounds and the different ways each sound can be written. A Phase 5 sound mat reminder is attached. We will also be looking at punctuating sentences correctly.

In handwriting we will be revisiting the cursive joins taught in Year 1 and their positioning on the line, paying attention to all the ascenders and descenders.

In Talk for Writing we will be focusing on instruction writing. The children will be innovating their own instructions based on our 'How to trap a dragon'.  Then they will be inventing the text to write their own instructions!

We will then focus on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children will innovate this story and then usethe invention process to write their own.


Maths: We will be learning about the place value of each digit in a 2 and 3 digit number, using practical resources to help. We will also been comparing these numbers using our place value knowledge and the <> signs. We will be counting on a back in 2's, 5's and 10's and adding and subtracting multiples of 10 from any number.


Science: Our science unit is called 'Exploring Everyday Materials'. In this unit we will be naming a range of materials and learning about their properties. We will be carrying out simple investigations to find out which materials are more suitable for specific purposes.


Computing: The children will be learning how to use the computers in the junior department computer suite. Will be looking at the importance of internet safety, how to do a safe internet search and how to use the keyboard.


Geography: In geography we will be learning about continents and oceans. We will be talking about the equator, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere and the North and South poles. We will be looking more closely at the UK, countries that make u the UK and some of its cities. We will also be looking at weather patterns in the UK and climate.


History: In history we will be looking at the First World War, the effects of the war, communication, how the lives of children, members of their families and local communities changed in Britain during the First World War and why and how animals were used to help with the war efforts.


Music: This Autumn the children will be learning to play the violin with Trafford Music Service.


PE:   We will be covering a unit called 'Target 3'. This is where the children will be taught to throw an ball underarm, bounce, roll, kick and strike a ball with control and accuracy.

They will also be covereing a unit on 'African Dance'.


Art:  The children will begin with a unit on colour. They will be learning about primary and secondary colours and how to create different shades and tints of colour. We will be looking at still life compositions and the children will be creating and painting their own.


DT: The children will begin a textile unit. The aim will be to create their own Christmas tree decoration. The children will evaluate a range of decorations, practice a range of joining techniques, including sewing (running and over stitch), learn how to create and use a template to cut out a shape, design and then make their own decoration.