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Why do we teach Music at FPS?

To build confidence and a sense of achievement in a ‘non-academic’ subject, using musical sound as the dominant language of learning.

To explore creativity and expression using different instruments (including voice), techniques and technology to create musical compositions.

To be given the opportunity to learn how to read musical notation, play an instrument and communicate to others through performance.

To be able to critically engage with different genres of music through recognition of common elements.


There are many opportunities to learn to play an instrument at FPS. We currently have two whole-class instrumental projects (Y2 ocarina and Y5 ukulele) and Y3 learn to play the recorder.  There are also private individual and group lessons available for the ukulele, piano, flute and fife AND we have an opportunity for the junior children to join a Rocksteady band, which provides weekly lessons within a band setting!

If you want to find out more information about learning an instrument in school or in your local area, talk to Ms Corker or visit the Trafford Music Service website:   



Year 2 showcasing their learning in their end-of-project Ocarina Concert

2JL Ocarina Concert 2.png2JL Ocarina Concert.png


Year 5 practising their chords 

5FK Guitar.png


In Year 6, the children used their learning about the origins and structure of rap to create and edit their own, adding a backing track using Chrome Music Lab (check out the website to try out making your own compositions!)


Here's a snippet of the very topical rap created by Jake in 6F last year

Bat Rap.png


Year 4 will soon be working on their Summer Composition Unit based on the theme of 'Abstract Art', using images to inspire rhythmic patterns

Year 4 .pngYear 4.png
















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