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We have developed our own calculations policy in order to ensure that the children follow a clear path towards being successful in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Mathematics is the foundation of science and technology. Everyone needs mathematics in order to function in society and the world of work. Therefore, the Mathematics curriculum at Flixton Junior School reflects the understanding that mathematical literacy is important for all pupils to possess and apply.  

Mathematical understanding is at the core of every lesson and is achieved through the use of images and/or concrete manipulatives. Within lessons there is less onus placed on procedure and more on questioning and discussion to ensure that children know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

We encourage our pupils to explore, discover, analyse and apply mathematics through a variety of teaching techniques and strategies which utilise all modes of learning, including integrating maths across the curriculum, participating in hands-on problem solving activities, using computer technology and calculators and making real life links where appropriate.

Our curriculum is planned to meet the needs of learners within each classroom and covers the National Curriculum at a stage and level that is appropriate to the child. Learners who struggle with numeracy are placed on a quality and proven maths intervention programme to help them secure understanding and make good progress, which will equip them in their future learning and future lives.


Schemes of Work in Maths 

The National Curriculum, which is statutory from September 2014, provides the framework for the teaching of Maths at Flixton Primary School. It breaks Key Stage 2 into Lower and Upper, and contains the programmes of study in each area.

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Year 1 Maths Gallery

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Year 2 Maths Gallery

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