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Physical Education

PE at Flixton Primary School aims to ensure all children are physically active for at least two hours per week. Our PE sessions are essential for building key social skills, as well as body strength, stamina, balance, coordination, agility, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

There are also a number or benefits to physical exercise, including decreased symptoms of anxiety and increased mental concentration. After such an unsettling year with the lockdowns and home learning, we believe it is important for children to have the opportunities to learn through sport to develop these skills for their own mental and emotional resilience. They will learn to actively engage in group work, as well as having access to different leadership roles. PE is known to improve self-esteem and self-confidence, furthermore, increasing oxygen levels that will directly impact on concentration levels.

PE provides a chance for outdoor education, which can be a very powerful source of learning for many children, consequently, improving motivation to learn and increasing pride in what they do. After all, success comes with personal effort!

Here are some photographs of what your child might get up to in their year group! 

All of our year groups take part in Gymnastics delivered by Beth Tweddle Gymnastics, to help build up their core strength and balance throughout the year.


Year 1

Year 2 Handball Sessions & Cricket Taster Session

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Year 3 Yoga

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Year 4: Tag Rugby

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Year 5 - Lacrosse

Use the link to view Lacrosse in action!

5FG's Lacrosse Gallery

Year 6 Gymnastics

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