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Art at Flixton Primary School provides open-ended opportunities for children to explore their ideas and personal responses to the world through a broad range of experiences.  We aim for children to develop a strong visual language through high-quality teaching and for them to be able to select, use and explore with a range of media, processes, tools and techniques. 

Children are stimulated by the work of other artists: architects, photographers, painters, sculptors and print-makers, and, through this study, they will gain an understanding of cultural and historical contexts in which art work has been created, as well as inspiration for their own work.  Children are encouraged to develop their own ideas through speaking and listening activities and on-going evaluations. 

Through the school, children will become increasingly confident to explain their choices, analyse effects and revisit work, developing their own creative responses to topics through purposeful use of a sketchbook, as well as improve their own self-esteem. 

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