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The most important goal for science education at Flixton Primary School is to stimulate, nurture and sustain the sense of excitement, wonder and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Science is a dynamic, creative, human process which contributes greatly to the development of human culture, both nationally and globally. The values that guide scientific endeavour: respect for living things and the environment; respect for evidence and the opinions of others; honesty in collecting and presenting data; an openness to new ideas, are the basis of responsible citizenship.

Through science, children are able to develop important, transferable skills to prepare them to be enterprising and creative adults. Through collaborative investigative tasks they can learn to interpret data, make deductions and draw valid conclusions based on evidence. Through learning about key foundational scientific knowledge and concepts in relevant, real-life contexts they can acquire the ability to express and justify their views on science-based issues of importance to society, based on knowledge and understanding of scientific principles and concepts.

Taken together, this learning through science will help their development as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

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