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We have been writing a character description this week. Can you guess who we have been writing about from these sentences?

"He has a slimy green wart on his small nose." " Spiky purple prickles run all the way down his spine." "His tongue is as black as the night." "A long thin tail slithers like a snake on the ground behind him." " His thunderous feet stomp on the ground." 

Did you guess...that's right...it's the Gruffalo!

We used adjectives and similes to describe the character.


We have been learning about different types of words. We looked for these different words in our Talk 4 Writing text Little Red Riding Hood.

a noun is the name of a person, place or object.

For example - Mum, Grandma, Wolf, cottage, kitchen, table, chair, bed, basket, flowers, acorns, honey, path, woods, cake

an adjective is a word used to describe a noun.

For example - kind Mum, poorly Grandma, hairy Wolf, cosy cottage, warm kitchen, wooden table, brown chair, comfy bed, straw basket, pretty flowers, hard acorns, sticky honey, bumpy path, spooky woods, delicious cake