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Spring Foundation subjects


Over the last 2 weeks we have carried out investigations to find out the best material to make an umbrella for pobble bear, and the best paper towel to mop up a spill. We learned about fair testing -  keeping everything the same apart from the material we are testing. We also practised measuring and observing closely to record results and draw conclusions. See the gallery for more photos.



We used the beebot app on the iPads to program an algorithm to control beebot. We had to debug our algorithm if we made a mistake. Have a look in the gallery.




Year 1 undertook some market research to enable them to design a toy that Reception children would like to play with. Thank you RO for sharing your opinions with us. I can’t wait to see the games we produce for you now! Look at our gallery.


We used big bamboo tracks and tennis balls to decide on the best angle for our marble run tracks. It was great fun! See gallery for more.



We really enjoyed sharing a story in yoga to help us learn animal balances. See more in the gallery.


With our gymnastics coach today we were thinking about body shapes. We learned how to do a tuck jump. We also used a tuck shape to do bunny hops over a bench, an egg roll and a forward roll. We also used a straight body shape to do a pencil roll and a half turn jump.



We kicked off our topic on toys from the 1960s by turning our classroom into a toy museum. We visited each exhibit and looked at the exhibit card to find out what the toy was called. We found out about a lot of toys that were popular in the 1960s. We then discovered that we have actually played with a lot of these toys ourselves too. More to see in the gallery.


We followed the evidence trail in the classroom to find out who Tim Berners-Lee was and why he was significant. See more in the gallery.



We created an algorithm to move our Beebot to a given point in our Beebot world. We had to try to work out a series of instructions to make our algorithm. See gallery for all our worlds.