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Spring Term

We have won the The Reading Racetrack Trophy for the second time this year, Thank you for your support!


We started our Clarinet lessons with Trafford Music Service this week. Please see the gallery for photos!



These are topics that are linked to what we are learning about in school. They are designed as a 'way in' for you to chat about your child's learning with them. They might form a quick 30 second chat or develop into something bigger, depending upon your and your child's interests.

Monday 24th February

Talk about the sol fa hand symbols and practise them.

Discuss what you've learnt about road safety.

Discuss our Islamic(workshops (after Tues).


We have completed the Y5/6 spelling list so no new words will come home. Keep practising those you don't know as we will continue to test them. We will remind the children how to set up their own lists on Spelling Shed next week.

Monday 17th February

Talk about what you'll be doing for your sponsored event on Thurs.

Discuss what you've learnt so far about online safety. 

Talk about how to make the notes shown on the sheet music for clarinet.


Monday 3rd February

What do you need to practise on your clarinet over the holiday (D and E, 3 tunes, tonguing)?

What examples of battery operated lights can you spot?

Can you count up and back in different fraction amounts? 


Monday 27th January

Explain equivalent fractions.

Discuss our 'tremendous terminology' (dismantling, reassembling).

Should Alex be sent to Port Tallon? Discuss!


Monday 20th January

Please ask your child:

How would you multiply - eg- 23x17?  


          44 x 32                                           OR                            43 x 13

1200+120+80+8 =1408

What do you notice about the land use nearby to where you live?

What battery operated lights do you have around the house?

Are there any you could bring in to share with the class?

Monday 13th January

Please ask your child:

- What is the embouchure for playing the clarinet?

- How do you write a De:de sentence?

- What strategies can you think of for mental + and -?

(e.g. - partitioning, near doubles, round and adjust, find the difference)


Monday 6th January

Please ask your child to talk about:

(1) e safety.

(2) New Year's resolutions and whether there are any to do with school.